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    If any of you go camping or backpacking how do you deal with your diapers in the wilderness? I'll be in the Sierra Nevada mountains this summer away from normal accommodations and readily available trash cans.

    What do I do and what do you do?

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    Just double bag em and take the bag back at the end along with the other trash.

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    That is one thing I have not done. Down here most of our camping is done on the river, so it's just a matter of bringing an extra trash bag or two and throwing that bag in the boat when you leave. Even if I could easily walk, I don't know that I'd fancy lugging that bag around on a hike, lol

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    when I am camping I keep them and trash bags on the cargo rack of my quad and take the wet ones back out with me till I can find a trash can, when I can't do that I will rip open the diaper and dump the stuffing, it's mostly wood pulp that will bio degrade or burn the stuffing and take the plastic shell back out with me, I rarely do it that way but there have been times I have been stuck on a flooded forest road and saturate my diaper with muddy water when trying to get my ATV unstuck. we usually have base camp at a state camp ground and they have trash cans that people can use

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