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Thread: Good Diaper for Overnight, and My first wetting!

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    Default Good Diaper for Overnight, and My first wetting!

    Hi all new here, and semi-new to the Diaper lifestyle. I have to say, these diapers I bought today from CVS are rather comfy, and thus far hold a lot.

    I do have a slight incontinence issue due to a nerve issue, but its not really an issue.

    so back to the main part.
    so I got home and immediately put on a diaper as I was so excited, as I said I am semi-new to this. I couldn't wait. so an hour or so went by, and I wet my diaper, and it was an amazing feeling. however overnight diapers and or good leak protection is crucial, as i do have that nerve issue.

    any suggestions for overnight diapers that have good leak protection or something for leak protection would be nice.

    its also nice to know I can talk freely here with people that are like minded.

    also the diapers I bought are a bit small, however I made them work until tomorrow when I can go get a bigger size. however I am comfortable in them. I may even go 24/7 soon. I also ordered some diapers from I hope they get here soon!!!!

    in mean time, ill do my thing in the diapers I have!!!!

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    What brands/specific types did you purchase? I'm also new to this and I'm still trying to figure out good brands until I work my way up to the really premium types.

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    I bought a generic CVS brand diaper. I'm assuming they run small because the package said large but they fit small.

    I was also looking at the tena brand and the depends brand. Since I'm new at this I went with the least expensive. However I kind of regret that decision.

    I did order some larger size from
    There are a bunch of resources if you just Google ABDL diapers and lists and lists will come up.

    I hope that helps.

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