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Thread: Why do i hide. My diaper life

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    Default Why do i hide. My diaper life

    My whole family knows I like to wear diapers. So. They don't accept it. So, I have to seek my diapers in and out. wear it only when sleeping andno one is home. And when they. Hear I got a package. They shame me. Like is that your diapers and that's why you got uti. So in the end it seem silly to hide. Diapers. And just act. Like the is. A baby in the house. Any help on this?

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    Ask them to respect your interests as their child, even though you know that they don't approve. Always keep an open dialogue. My mother knows, doesn't like it, but accepts it and still loves me. Say "Mom/Dad, does my wearing diapers change me as a person?"

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    Thanks for a quick. Reponse I think they. Respect. As. Do it private and every. Thing is cool. We keep diapers. Quit. She just wants. Me to atop and have. A normal life with a girl

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    Makena43, it's very hard and annoying to read your texts when you end scentences at the wrong time. Read your own text before you post it and make sure it's correct!

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    Not to pile on - but I have to agree - it's really hard to read your messages. Please proofread

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    Yeah I agree okay I will redo it. So my mom says its okay just. Keep it private. Next she wants me to stop wearing diapers and have a normal. Life with girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by makena43 View Post
    Yeah I agree okay I will redo it. So my mom says its okay just. Keep it private. Next she wants me to stop wearing diapers and have a normal. Life with girls
    How do you feel about dating girls? It's your life and you should do whatever makes you happy. If you do want to have a relationship with a girl, you may have to put things into balance. Of course, you can date and wear diapers, just not at the same time unless the girl doesn't mind you wearing diapers. My wife doesn't mind.

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    Speak of which I am talking. To this nurse and I wonder how I. Should tell her. Any hits. Maybe the uti. About. Diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by sloth View Post
    Seriously is it that difficult to proof read what you typed.
    He's typing on his phone which I'll admit can be a pain for adding unintentional periods and not putting in intended spaces, but I don't understand why he can't look as he is typing and stop it as it is happening, it's not a race to put out as many posts as possible afterall and the problem is continuing and it's not getting easier to follow his messages.
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