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Thread: AB/DL without ageplay?

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    Default AB/DL without ageplay?

    So, I have a question: does anybody think of themselves as an AB/DL, but not as an ageplayer?

    A lot of my friends are like, "Well, my real age is 22, but my little age is 5." For me, my real age is 22, but my little age is ... also 22.

    It's like how some kids go from 'babies' to 'kids' before they turn 3, some are still 'babies' when they're 4. I feel like I never graduated from 'baby'. I consider my AB/DL side to be part of my identity, but not a past on. I'm an adult who never stopped being a baby, not an adult who's become a baby.

    Does anybody else feel this way?

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    Being an "AB" is not always synonymous with age-play, just like age-play is not always synonymous with being a "Little." All three are their own separate entity so you can cherry-pick which ones to combine based on personal preference.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    Being an "AB" is not always synonymous with age-play, just like age-play is not always synonymous with being a "Little." All three are their own separate entity so you can cherry-pick which ones to combine based on personal preference.-
    I appreciate your perspective.

    It seems to me like "AB", "little" and "ageplayer" have become increasingly synonymous in the minds of the community, hence why I felt the need to make this post, I think.

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    Kaliborio, I totally get what you are saying. In some ways I feel that way too. I love wearing and using babyish stuff, but mostly I am the adult me when I'm doing it. I do fantasize about physical age regression sometimes, but that is just fantasy.

    On the other hand, there are parts of the adult me that I don't like,and regression helps me let go of it. I don't like having to be in control and in charge of things. I don't like having to be mentally tough and aggressive, and always just a little on the defensive. These are skills that are useful and even necessary in the adult world, but can be exhausting.

    When I am in "Little" space I feel I can be cute and sweet and a little more naive than what would work in the adult working world. But I also don't act or pretend to be someone I am not. I don't pretend I am an actual 2 year old. Instead, I let my 2 year old point of view back out. And he is sweet, gentle and vulnerable. But he still drinks his espresso to wake up and knows how to drive a car - if that makes any sense.

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    I'm a hybrid. Adult/ Baby just like the label says. We're sort of a contradiction sometimes, aren't we? While I can slip into a regressive state of mind, I always considered it more like I was progressing the baby stuff to my adult state. In other words I'm more of a grown up baby than an infantile adult. If that makes any sense at all. I know I'm a grown man so the fantasy element is always a fantasy element.

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    I identify with that too.

    I am mostly a DL but I like to hug my bear and I recently bought a pacifier to suck when I'm feeling down - but I feel like I'm still my adult age when I do it - but a more vulnerable version of myself if that makes sense.

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    I can certainly agree with that. I'm still a "child at heart" (as chlichéd as that may sound) and several people know me like that - I love to kid around now and then, I got some plushies I really like, a Kigurumi, I like to build stuff with LEGO (when I got the money for it XD) and so on. I can even imagine to try diapers someday - I haven't gotten to this part yet - but as before, I would still consider me the person I always am and not "two years old Sepia" or something along that lines. It's just a hobby of mine I act out while still being the same twenty-something Sepia... the childlike stuff already being a part of me. There may be nostalgic and fun feelings I remember from back when I was a child, but these are honest enough the way they are - with no role playing involved. ^^

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    No role play here for me. I am who I am. I am a child at heart and in some ways in the one book that has been around for centuries its says if you consider yourself to be righteous then you must become children yourselves. So to me to admit your are a child is something that even self righteous church people should think its great. But to play child games and to watch Sesame Street for the sake of wanting to say you are child is not for me.

    However, I won't turn my back on my friends who play in nurseries and such, but I think you do not need to go that far or because you feel you are inadequate does not mean you have to revert to acting out what children do. Just like in cuckhold fantasy, because your wife says your penis is too small does not mean you have to submit to being a slave or consider yourself a woman and start cross dressing like they do in the fantasy.

    I wear diapers yes, but as much as I want to use them, I am not going to force myself to do that even though I have been experimenting in that lately. I really wear them cause the security they give me, plus a couple times at night I wet the bed. Both cases were isolated, but to this day I would rather know I am protected and at the same time enjoy them! Plus if I spend the day at my friend Allan in Kansas, I sure do not want to ruin his sheets and mattress, so for sure I am diapered up.

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