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    Default Bought new AB stuff

    When I got my check from the flea market and I decided to order some little items from eBay. They were a black pacifier, a adult baby bottle with a long nipple (paw patrol red), and a onesie with trucks on it.

    The bottle and paci came today, I tried to hide it when the mailman came, but my dad was right there. When I opened them in my room, he saw them and teased me about buying useless junk and babyish things. However, he respects my privacy and only makes jokes when we're alone.

    eBay says my onesie will be delivered tomorrow, and I don't want a repeat of this morning. (The ones I get have an option where you can pay $3 extra to add a safari diaper). It's not a big deal if he finds out because he does not care at all what I do with my life. Anyway, how would your loved ones react with that scenario?

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    Haha....when I was you age, my mom would have freaked out. She did when she discovered my stuff, and made an appointment with a shrink. That said, it sounds like your dad is pretty cool. My wife on the other hand just raises her eyebrows. Actually, she's ordered a lot of things for me like onsies, sippy cups and plushies. She's pretty cool too.

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    I am very careful about keeping my stuff hidden for that very reason. I actually got a PO box so that I didn't have to get things delivered here. My grandma might be okay with it, but my mom would totally freak out. I don't want my family to know because of what they would think.

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    Hiding things for other people you live with is difficult. I did the same when I was younger with similar results. I am sure my mom knew but she never said anything about it to me. Moving out on my own was one of the best thing that I did. I never added much new stuff until I moved out on my own. It was great not worrying about who saw my mail.

    Getting new stuff is still something I look forward to. I hope you enjoy the new things you got!

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    I agree, it's very difficult. I am looking to move out but just got laid off, so it doesn't look like it's going to happen for a while

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