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Thread: Creating your own Fursona

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    Creating a "Fursona" isn't hard. What is hard, is creating one that doesn't resemble someone else's.

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    The whole furry community is pretty interesting but I have not really felt too drawn to be one. But I do love RPGs and I can understand getting into a character--you guys are just taking it a step further but that's not too different from people who play LARPs or are members of the SCA as a couple of examples. I do love the different character's I've seen as well as the artwork. Like some of my experiences with the SCA, it does sound like you guys have more than your fair share of internal politics and strife though. That is a shame since it can take away from the enjoyment of trying to do your thing in the group. But when you can transcend that, things can get pretty fun.

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    That's a brilliant thing! I went through so many furry characters since I was like 6, but I have found one I've settled on and love, I wish there was something like this around when I was first in the fandom!

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