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    Would love to hear every 1s opinion on nappy so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manwellpullups View Post
    Would love to hear every 1s opinion on nappy so
    Hi and welcome to the site. I think our opinions are well stated all throughout this site. So that we can get to know you better, you should tell us a little about yourself. In my case, I'm a professional musician. I've written a number of short stories, some of which are on this site. For recreation, I enjoy getting out on my bike on our bike trail. I like all kinds of music and I really enjoy scary movies and stories.

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    Its actually so nice to find a site like this still not really sure what I'm doing tho...a little about myself hmmmmmm, well I'm a fitness fanatic I hate running but seem to be very good at it....used to be in the forces but after coming into some money decided to start my own business......ohhhh big fan of game of thrones �� I hope my first impressions of this site are merited

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    Hi ManWellPullups,
    Welcome to the group.

    I'm sure as you read through the various forums and threads you will find what sort of nappies most of us are into and why.

    You Said

    used to be in the forces
    , what arm or Regiment where you with, personally I'm an Ex Royal Marine Commando and came out after the Falklands on a medical discharge

    Are you married or in a partnership and if so does your partner know and are they supportive or not.

    Have a read through the forums and find a few you like, read the threads and the jump pin and take part, your opinion is as valid as any one else's and might be just what someone needs to hear.

    Finally if you need ideas or need to know w aht can or can't be talked about then have a look at the top of the page and read the ADISC Into, Rules & tips section, there is a lot of useful information for new members.

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