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Thread: Cloth diaper

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    Question Cloth diaper

    I'm thinking about getting into cloth diapers, but I'm wondering which closure type is best.

    Poppers, velcro, pullups. I don't want pins

    Is there a recommended option or does it not really matter?

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    I've only used Velcro and pins with my cloth ones the Velcro holds up well as long as you don't try to get it fastened to tight

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    Can you reuse those diaper like the depend cloth back diapers or just.get pull ups

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    I've tried pins but had trouble getting the fit I wanted. I don't wear cloth all that often, so I'm willing to concede this could be a matter of inexperience or user error. On the other hand, Velcro closures are easy to manage and contour diapers are quite comfortable.

    I've used a few cloth pull-ups. They seem a bit too much like underwear for me to really be satisfied and sizing is an even more important factor when you can't just adjust the tabs. I still prefer disposables but during my period of 24/7 wearing, I've found it useful to throw cloth into the mix on occasion (mostly pull-ups for really discreet wear or regular cloth diapers for some nights).

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    I have been using pins.

    I tried snappies, but they are hard to find and the ones I got on the internet did not work.

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    I use big duck pins. The only trouble is they stick into me a bit occasionally if I'm on my side - although that is obviously through the nappy.

    I'd also like to use something else if something was available.

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    With cloth diapers, you have to experiment to find what suits your needs best. It is a bit of a cash outlay but you really only have to buy 3 - cloth pull-up, velcro closure with elastic leg and waist gathers and pre-fold flat (or contour, the come in both) I use both the velcro contour (when I might want to change in public, though I detest public changing and would rather just wait until I get home). I mostly use a pull-up cloth diaper (Kins model 10700). It is much like a flat prefold. It has a generous center soaker panel with elastic and waist gathers. Since I have severe bowel urgency (after a long ago surgery) I always use a disposable (Confi-dry 24/7) as a "diaper liner" to keep stool off the cloth diaper and to make laudering easier. I run a pinwheel over the plastic backing of the disposable to allow flow through to the cloth diaper should it need to. Plastic pants are a must. I even wear them when I just use the 24/7 with a stuffer and no cloth diaper. If I know I'll be out most of the day I'll use the disposable with the cloth pull-up and plastic pants. Yea, I know, it sounds like a lot of diaper and in fact it is. But it gives you great capacity and you can be out for 8 to 10 hours with no leaks. When I first became bowel IC my BM's were very loose and uncomfortable to have in my diaper (at the time just a good disposable with a stuffer). I was told by my doctor to use a bulk producing fiber supplement. This has worked well in making my BM's solid (or firmer at least) but it does cause increased frequency and volume. It dosen't do anything for the severe urgency but at least it's not runny. I also use Nullo deoderant pills and Desitin ointment (zinc oxide based). This reduces odor and protects my skin if I have to remain in a soiled diaper for a few hours or more. I take 3 to 5 large doses of Metamucil every day ( had to experiment to find the amount needed to keep my BM's firm), so it's common for me to have 3 to 6 large BM's a day. I've been dealing with this for 20 plus years after being told I would be back to normal after about a year. People wonder how I can go several hours or more with a load (or 2 or 3) in my diaper. In a word, you get used to it. I could be standing next to you in Starbucks and you would never know I had a load in my diapers. People also wonder how I can be out and about with such bulky diapers. The fact is I'm an expert at stealth. See my profile for further explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barush View Post
    I'm thinking about getting into cloth diapers, but I'm wondering which closure type is best.

    Poppers, velcro, pullups. I don't want pins

    Is there a recommended option or does it not really matter?
    'best', factoring in cost, comfort and ease-of-use, is what i use: mini-bungees,
    Click image for larger version. 

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    you can see how i've sharpened the end of the hook along with bending it inward slightly. you don't have to do that, but it's the better option.
    they can be arranged in any way you wish, but i just use one across my waist and that does fine.

    i also use standard and mini Cling-ons, with cloth and disposable (standard for cloth and mini for dispies), in a fitting system which allows for one-handed fitting and removal (it's also good for those with shaky hands/poor dexterity):

    standard (shown with a Betterdry dispy, just for photographic purposes):
    Attachment 29378

    Attachment 29375

    Attachment 29376

    Attachment 29377
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    I have used regular plastic-head diaper pins, metal slide-head diaper pins, velcro, and also di-d-klips. My favorite are the regular plastic-headed diaper pins for ease of use and keeping my diaper in place when it is wet.

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    i'm using Velcro ones, and i absolutly love it... they are strong and staying tight where if attached them

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