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Thread: Wanting to reuse. A. Clean comfydry diaper

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    Default Wanting to reuse. A. Clean comfydry diaper

    So what I do is put diaper on. Then enjoy dinner with girls around. Next. At the end of lunch I take the diaper of by the white tapes. I put back my diaper into my bag. So. When I want to put back. On the diaper. I can't.get back on the blue tapes any suggests. On this .

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    why not slip the diaper off instead of untape it?

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    Honestly I would just go with Randy's advice if you really wanted to re-use a diaper of slipping it off and on like a Pull-Up.

    With that I would highly question why you would remove it in the first place if you're gonna put it on again. It seems you might be better of just keeping it on in the long run unless you have something where it could be a problem? At that point it would probably be best to look into another brand like adult focused pull-ups that offer an easier and faster form of changing in and out of a diaper.

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    Oh I take it off because one I am going back to work or i am going take. A shower. Thanks for the advice

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    Yeah I agree. They are made to be worn and do 1 and 2 that's all

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    I seen Co worker girl buy pamper and l know they. Can't. Fit. Them. Then why buy them?

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    Not gonna lie, I felt relieved when you said you want to reuse a clean nappy. It's always nice to see someone value hygiene.

    Try duct tape or glue if the tapes won't stick. Alternatively, you could use compression pants or use it as a stuffer.

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