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    Hi all, I am sorry to create another thread but I have been having a problem for ages now about finding the most correct way of putting a nappy on, I will be honest, I have a belly. I tape the top tapes straight round my belt line and the bottom tapes just round my legs, but from many pictures I've seen, the way nappies fit them seem so much different to the way they look on me, and this is for both people who have a belly and those who don't, the way nappies look is that they just have a nice fit.

    When I look at myself in a nappy it looks completely different, there is so much wing material covering my legs and everyone else seems to tape them differently showing none of the wing material around the legs, just looks like a nice proper comfy nappy. I basically just mean that nappies look like shorts on me?

    I just have a few questions, am I supposed to tape the bottom tapes instead around my belt line and pull my Nappy higher up right to my belly button and then tape the top tapes around my belly? Or because I have a belly is it best to tape the top tapes around the thinnest part of my body being my belt line. I just seem to have so much material round my legs and I think I have been putting them on wrong all this time as again they look like shorts, but all other people I look at wearing there is no material around the legs.

    Maybe I just need to lose weight but I have honestly seen pictures of wearers larger than me and they still have the fit of no material around the legs.

    Sorry for sounding stupid but I am just wondering if I am putting them on wrong.

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    I just tuck it in. Most people do that if you look at the images. It has a kind of natural stopping point that keeps you from tucking too much in.

    I have noticed though that the tapes can jab your legs if you don't tape it high enough and then tuck the extra material in.

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