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Thread: What gets you into Little Space?

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    Default What gets you into Little Space?

    Just wanted to see ideas and recommendations for how people slip into little space. For me nothing more than being padded, wrapped up in my blankey cuddled with my plushies watching stuff like Care Bears always puts me in a secure, innocent space. But what about you guys? What triggers it for you?

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    Hi KenMeister

    Triggers can be funny things for me it is just as much being treated as a toddler as physical items.

    Getting a back rub or the back of my neck touched will put me into Little space,

    Also having someone change my diaper and talk to me as a baby will do it so much so I will find it hard to from words, or to think strait, just in Little bless.

    Or if I am on my own I suck away on my pacifier with Rex and Peter my Stuffies watching paw Portal or something like that. Or I get my paints out or do something like play with blocks. It all good. Just going with whatever feel right at the time, even if it is rolling on my back in just a diaper.

    I have written a bit about triggers and how to use them. Thought it might be helpful to you.

    What are triggers? And how to use them.
    Some of us need to have triggers to get into and out of Littler space and some of don’t.

    Knowing what your little’s tigers are well help them get in to and out of little space, because we are all different we will have different tigers for everyone.

    These don’t have to be physical items, they could be a sounds and colours, It can also be the way someone talks to you and there body language

    Don’t presume that just because I am in Little Space I won’t to lesion to the wheels on the bus. Don’t get me wrong I like a good sing along and I do know all the actions as will, but your Little may really like to lesion to something like Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio in G minor as this could be a tiger for them as it brings bake a memory that will help them to slip in to little space.


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    I have yet to find a good trigger at least in a way that you have described. Though maybe I am looking for something that feels more euphoric, similar to what drinking the right amount alcohol will do. A fresh diaper, sucking on a pacifier and cuddling up to my "body pillow" (it is a few blankets tightly rolled up on on the other) getting into bed and bundling up in my covers has done a great job of putting me into a little space. Though to go a step further, I would like to get a crib, or at least makeshift some walls to put around my bed to make it seem like a crib, place a little carousel above my head and I don't think I would ever get out of being a Little.

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    For me it can range from seeing a real child being "mothered" right up to just watching a childish ad on youtube. I find its often things thar are said, seen etc. I have never fully regressed before but have come close to it.

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    I can usually snap into little space when I am extremely stressed out. I have high anxiety disorder and depression but my little side is very therapeutic for me. I lay in bed wearing either a onesie and my diaper or a diaper only with a pacifier in my mouth and cuddling my blankie and plush giraffe. It really helps me relax.

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    The smell of Pampers and my paci and no pants

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    Listening to Radio Disney Junior or watching Disney Junior. Sometimes just watching Paw Patrol too. I also tend to find myself in little mode when I snuggle with Keru. At most, it's usually when my anxiety levels are at their highest. I have an anxiety disorder next to being autistic, and my anxiety can get really bad. There are times when my usual meds don't work to combat it, so being in little mode is often quite beneficial for me. <3

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    Anything lately good make me slip into little space but the main things are my blankie and watching any film I mean any film including horrors. Or play xbox

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    For me it's putting my pacifier in my mouth. Or sometimes the little in me just pops up and wants to be in little space and if I can, I do.

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    Being in my little girl dress (I am male).

    Having my backside reddened with a slipper or shoe will "show me my place, and remind me to be good": many scenes begin this way, especially if I'm topping from the bottom. As an adult, I'm a control freak, and the sting of a smacked bottom helps me to let go.

    Being blindfolded for half an hour or more "because I'm too little to see grown up things" nearly always does the trick, especially if I can hear other things going on around me.

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