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Thread: What cartoons do you like to watch?

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    Question What cartoons do you like to watch?

    I don't identify as a little but sometimes even I can enjoy acting a little bit little. :p I've always watches Spongebob but as far as "little" shows, I've started to watch PAWA Patrol before and after work lol. What's really funny is that I'd be the last person to watch it.

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    I don't watch movies and television often, but when I do, it's primarily animated stuff. Whether it's series from Nickelodeon (SpongeBob SquarePants, Invader Zim, Catscratch, et cetera...), Disney (the Disney Afternoon series were awesome), The Simpsons (at least the seasons up to and including the movie), you name it. It's probably easier to list what I've seen and enjoyed in recent years: I really liked Gravity Falls as well as Star vs. the Forces of Evil and some episodes of other shows I forgot.

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