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    Yesterday I wrote how I was have 3 short burst while I was sitting in traffic. I couldnít confirm if I had actually peed or not. I had meetings all day today so after a last meeting we went to a pub and had a few drinks. On my way home sitting in traffic, I had another ďspasmĒ except I had actually peed. I didnít have any desire to use a bathroom just happened. I felt the warmth and the tingle that I realized this was happening. So I donít know whatís going on

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    My advice would be for you to see a physician or a urologist about this. If your spasms become more frequent and more painful; it could be a sign of a more severe underlying problem. The quicker you see a physician about these; the better off you are in preventing problems before they start. An ounce of prevention is more valuable than a pound of cure.

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