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    DL from NYC here. Not into AB side. Just bought my first diapers a few months ago, and I love them. Happy to be a part of the forum!


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    Welcome John. Me too like the diapers only and not so much into age regression either. I love them as well. Hopefully one day I could buy a pair of bambino magnificos instead of the store bought that hold not too much and have no backs to them where right now I can't mess. But still learning to wet properly as it takes relaxing as even now I have to go but sitting up on my bed making it awkward to come out.

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    Hi Dadaboy,
    Welcome to ADISC. Do you have any other hobbies or interests apart from all things DL related? are you married or with a partner and if so do they know about your dl side and are they supportive or not?. It's worth having a look at ADISC Intro, Rules and Tips, (link at top of page), this might give you a few ideas about what to say and there is a lot of info in there written for new members. Apart from that have a look through the forums and find 1 or some you like and dive in, you'll find the more you take part in threads the more you will get out of being a member. Have fun and again Welcome.

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    hey bud, I'm from NYC too, recently in to the kink. we should chat!

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