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Thread: Greeting all!

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    Default Greeting all!

    Hey guys and gals! Been a lurker for a month or so, so finally decided to introduce myself. I've been a DL for as long as I remember, but interested in some AB stuff. I love food, traveling, animals, and cars. I'll try to learn as much as I can here, as I know I'm still quite new. Don't know what else to write so I'll leave it there! Thanks!

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    Hi Jacorn221,
    welcome to the group. What sort of food are you into and what's your favourite cuisine? As for learning, you've certainly come to the right place, have a browse through the forums and find some that interest you aand then just dive in, your thougts and/or opinions are as valid as anyone else's and something you may say in a post just might help someone else. Remember the more you put into Adisc the more you will get from it.

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    Hi there and welcome to the forum!

    You like to travel? Do you like to share some of the destinations you've been to? ^^
    I like to travel myself a lot, so I'm always open to hear the experiences of other people who have been here and there.
    And what are some of your favourite animals, in case you don't just like everyone of them?

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