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Thread: Skin Protections Routine

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    Default Skin Protections Routine

    I've been super lucky that I've never really suffered from diaper rash....until now! Please could you pass on your advice and top tips for avoiding it and the best way to protect your skin?

    I've got powder and cream, but I'm quite naive on how much to use and the order to put it on. I've heard stories of creams preventing the nappy from working properly, so I probably want to avoid that if possible.

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    Once you have a rash treat it with creme , but yes creme does block the pores on the diaper so it can cause to it to absorb irratickly and or leak, cleane the effected area and alow to dry then liberaly apply cream , my favorite that comes recomended by my doctor is calmoseptine walgreens sells it and some walmarts have it behind the counter , other places can usually ordef it , its great for cuts scrapes, rashes ,burns , hemmorhoids, very nice stuff both my Uro and colon rectal guy swear by it, to prevent a rash clean up asap after an IC episode , i happen to be blessed with "iron skin" takes a lot for it to get upset , i normaly use medline remedy restore products they are petroleum free so if you hit for both teams wearing cloth and disposables it's safe for your PP , they make a barrier cream that you can rub in each time you change, as well as a one step spray foam that cleanses the skin moisturises snd protects rrom rash sll in one step , burts bees is another one i likr for prevention thoughmits pretty expensive for a small tube , if fragrance is a potential problem the Balmex adult for LBL is good stuff and scent free , i am not a real fan of powder it too can wreak havoc with your diaper absorbtion if to much is used and can cake and hold wetness against your skin , when I use it I have the liquid baby powd4r from Huggies apply a thin coat to skin and it dries to powder , since I don't use it a lot I will leave powder to someone who uses it regularly , just remember diaper rash is the mildest form of a burn you can have so respect it ,its uncomfortable but can be a lot worse , dont sit around in a BM any longer than you have to and if you have wet and soiled clean as fast as possible getting yourself in to a clean diaper , the combination of acid and bacteria from both urine and bowel is very potent so care is needed .

    One last thing to defeat the ass hole Murphy and his law , if I use rash cream I will use a large doubler , so if the cream blocks the pores to bad for the doubled, I still have a fully functioning diaper backing him up , don't use a doubled or lined diaper that is not flow through ,that will generate a mess of a leak.
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    I use Aveeno baby cream as it has Dimethicon. Look on the back of the tube to make sure you are buying the kind with Dimethicon. Hospitals use Dimethicon on diabetic feet, etc. They suggested it for my wife. It creates an excellent protective barrier.

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    ​I use the Rite-Aid generic version of A+D Ointment.

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    I apply Boudreaux's every once in a while if an area starts to get a little irritated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I use Aveeno baby cream as it has Dimethicon. Look on the back of the tube to make sure you are buying the kind with Dimethicon. Hospitals use Dimethicon on diabetic feet, etc. They suggested it for my wife. It creates an excellent protective barrier.
    I neglected to say that the remedy restore barrier cream was dimethicone , I like dogboys panty wearing other half am a diabetic . My diaper bag is stocked with needles as well as diapers.
    We never know if we are padding up or shooting up 😁

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    I've always used Desitin ointment. It's zinc oxide based (the stuff life gaurds would put on their noses in the old days - before sunscreen) I too have pretty tough skin and can count on one hand the rashes I've had in over 20 years. I did have a terrible rash some years ago that just wouldn't clear up despite everything I tried. I finally had to go to the doctors. He said it wasn't diaper rash but a yeast infection and prescribed nystatin with triamcinolone acetonide ointment. Cleared it right up. I do "air-out" my diaper area often which is vital to good skin health. I have a brother who is a doctor (internal medicine), his wife is a nurse as is my older sister. My late mother was also a nurse. They all say that with IC, the major issue is skin problems. For just a wet diaper I use hospital quality wipes. With BM events I prefer to take a shower after cleaning up with good wipes. I never feel clean enough without one. That's when I take the time to air out as the risk of a second BM is usually hours away. My bladderis mostly in my controll and I would descibe it is mostly as a convenience. It may sound lazy but once I go for the tiresome production in diapering up, it just seems seems more practical and yes, convenience. I also use several large doses of a bulk producing fiber supplement which keeps my BM's solid. Does nothing for thr severe urgency and it does increase frequency and volume but it surebeats loose srool. I also use Nullo deoderant tablets and plastic pants to contain leaks and reduces oder. As for curing an existing rash, I've found the a good 2 hour airing out works wonders. I don't change as often as I should (mostly because i detest public changes) so I can sometimes end uo in a wet, soiled diaper for several hours.after a shower and airout, my skin health is good.

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    Desitin is also excellent. We used it on our kids when they had a diaper rash. It always worked.

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