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    This afternoon I had to refill prescriptions for myself and I did purchase a 16-count package of DEPEND "Large" adult Dydees at Rite Aid.
    I opened up the package and they are "plastic-backed" again. I guess they corrected their mistake of going to "cloth-backed", which was not a great idea.

    Anyway, time for me to take a nap in something that feels more like a "Baby Diaper".

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    Yup, this has been common knowledge on this board the last couple of months. Good on them for listening to their customers. Unfortunately, I just tried them recently and they still suck. Haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedInPuyallup View Post
    Yup, this has been common knowledge on this board the last couple of months. Good on them for listening to their customers. Unfortunately, I just tried them recently and they still suck. Haha

    ​Yes, they still sort-of suck, but at least they are plastic-backed and are noisy when I hobble on my loftstrand crutches.

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    when they went cloth like I made a direct complaint that they cause me a rash among other tings and they responded with a phone call to get more info, I had a scramble to find as many pre clothlike version and investigate possible replacements, I ended up going with plastic attends , I joined this forum when a friend liked a post about depends going back to plastic, sadly though Rite Aid is the only local place I can find them and some still have the cloth like in there stock, the clothlikes have a purple spot on the front adverting that new "feature" the new run back to plastic lack that purple part
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	29364 they are just as comfy and the tapes hold well for a long types of trips, I dribble and don't flood so they work well for me, I can get 10 hours of one depend, but I hope the pics help,


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    I live in Utah an use to be able to get them at k mart . they shut down most stores but now that I know rite aid has them will check it out and stock up. And use fir when im getting low on super dry kids diapers. Thanks for your lead

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    yeah just make that purple flag is not there and returned to the pre or the new ones,

    I like not using the bottom tapes but some lot variation actions they don't always have the better tapes so it's trail and error have a stronger tape.
    I am probably one if the that love the depends plastic back, they are my major work horses, I dribble over time over time and don't flood and last a long timer under that type of use, I even going on quad trips with them, that does pose a different problem is I have limited cargo space so I cut the diaper open, dump the insides out in the woods and the take the empty shell and throw that away the correct way, and since the in filling that is biogredrable it makes it a lot easer to throw away the smaller plastic parts in the right area

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    Like their plastic back. Yep stock up. They stick out of pants but I don't care. Just like my cuddles did to day but I was comfertable and happy

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    Thanks for the packaging description as im visually impaired and have a hard time noticing little details like that. I may have to try them, even tho my go- to diapers are abena and dry 24/7 and unique wellness for the summer. I just moved and my stock is getting low and my money for this month is even lower so hopefully i can find a pack.

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