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    I'm predominantly bladder incont, but go through phases of bowel incontinence and extreme constipation, hence I'm being investigated for IBS.
    In the last week or so, my daily routine has been all over the place due to night shift working and it got to the point where I knew I was constipated as I could feel the pressure pushing down on my bladder. This made my bladder urgency significantly worse.

    Enough was enough last night, I was exhausted and fed up of being in extreme pain so I gave myself a dose of glycerin suppositories whilst padding up before climbing into bed for the night.
    I woke up after about 35 minutes (front of my pad wet) with the most horrific pain in my stomach, where I made an effort to get to the toilet. Literally as soon as I made an attempt to get out of bed, I exploded into my other way of explaining how forcefully the accident happened, it ended up filling my pad from front to back which was pretty awful to clean up and keep discreet from my partner.

    Hugely surprised at the way in which my body reacted as when I have my bouts of bowel incontinence, it's never normally this violent or messy. Hugely embarrassed with myself, but at least I feel a bit better now.

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    If you have IBS-C ask your doctor for a script for chronulac or lactulose , it prescriptionmin the US but OTC in the rest of the world put some in your morning coffee you will be right as rain ,it will keep you regular no constipation no suppository blowouts , there are some medical conditions that are treated with high doses of this (encephalopathy) large amounts equal frequent accidents , in its recommendations to physicians it says diapers will be needed , it will save a persons life from an amonia buildup but have you crapping like a goose.

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    Not my area of expertise, but I know you can get oral laxatives that "work gently to provide overnight relief" (as the advert says). But glycerin suppositories are supposed to take effect within around 5 to 20 minutes. So it sounds like they worked as intended... if not as expected!

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    my experiences are with a brand called dulcolax ( same stuff) are they can be brutal ( cramps somewhat disscomfort) but also gentle...
    when constipated, i'm getting a huge headache, and after taking suppositories, and messing myself the relieve and comfort are out off the world..
    i'm also IBS diagnosed, so no peppers, garlic spices, and minimize caffeine... ( although caffeine is laxative in my case)

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