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    I got tired waiting for my transfer of care after my move. Have had trouble getting a hold of my old mental health worker regarding the transfer so I went to my new community mental health service and got the ball rolling there. Hopefully I don't have to fight like I did to become part of the service to begin with.

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    Good for you for taking the initiative. The fact that you've already been a client should mean the process will go easier this time than when you first applied (I remember the setbacks you had back then). Keep after them and don't let the bureaucracy stop you from getting the help you deserve.

    Hope everything else is going well in your new settings.

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    Yeah I'm gonna keep on them like a dog after a bone, or a shark to blood. Looking forward to Saturday when all my stuff is brought down, so I will finally be able to wear diapers again, I've been thinking of little else than doing it for a couple of weeks now.

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    Well I just heard all the paperwork was faxed through today, after mental health down here got involved and I called one of the other nurses up there to see if she could follow up on where it is at. So hopefully in the next couple of days I'll hear from mental health down here and really get the ball rolling.

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