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    Default A Place for My Plushies...

    Today I have been cleaning my bedroom like a good little boy.
    I now have a complete shelf for most of my plushies, except for Howard Hug Bear and Pam Dolly Friend, who have their place on my bed.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do they all have names?

    nice collection

    and is the a John dear combine harvester on the next shelf?

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    Looks like a fine collection to me - Ernie and Bert ftw.
    I don't own as much plushies as you do, so they sufficiently fit on my bed and sofa.

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    I myself do not own many plushies.
    I do need to get a MLP-FIM " little "Applejack" plushie for my collection.
    With the fact that my bedroom at homr ss small, I look for "small" plushies to add to my collection which do not take up too much space.


    I do collect ERTL Farm Tractors/Equipment.

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    I have a good number of plushies, but not all are on display. My favorites are on my bed, while some others are in a rocking chair in my room.

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    My plushies all live on my bed except when we have overnight company. Then they have to go in the closet and my wife sings, "Plushies in the closet. Plushies in the closet" from the SouthPark cartoon that made fun of Tom Cruise when they sang, "Tom Cruise in the closet".

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    Anyway, plushies are calming and comforting.

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    I keep Mickey on my bed. As well as my huge as tall as me mickey sitting in a chair. I love hugging him.
    I keep the rest anywhere else I can, the most space on top of my desk's hutch.

    I also really want a care bear plush, but Prolly can't get away with that =/

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