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Thread: I want to buy, not sure where

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    Default I want to buy, not sure where

    Buying diapers I am sure is either a problem or not for many of us. For me I would love to buy diapers, but have the issue of trying to keep them a secret.

    I would love to order Diapers and be able to pick them, I only have UPS close by and USPS, so I would like to find a website that will allow me buy them and pick them up at a mail box.

    That or if there is another solution such as through a pharmacy. I have been using Walgreens Certainty brand, but after recently getting Bambino: Bianco diapers I don't really want to switch back, the plastic backing for that little bit of crinkle and softness has me addicted, but right now I want to solve the shipping issue.

    If you need some other kind of information to give me the best help ask away.

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    With ups or USPS you can always have them hold it at the closest location. Amazon fulfillment can use FedEx...

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    Well with some sites they don't let me pick ups or they use express shipping, not allowing me to choose who delivers it, so I can't use the delivery site to make them hold it. That or I'm missing something...

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    Just go into tracking after the diapers have shipped and have them left at a location

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladderbrain View Post
    Just go into tracking after the diapers have shipped and have them left at a location

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    I would but I can't find a website that uses UPS, FedEx would be fine but the closest one to me that I could do a pick up is an hour away.

    makena43 said amazon which may be my best bet if I can do a proper search

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    ABU always ships UPS and I have never had an issues with an ABU order being held at the UPS store with my UPS my choice account. UPS my choice is a free account you can make and set where you want your packages delivered to, depending on where you live you may be able to pickup the package somewhere other than the UPS store if your town has another UPS Access Point.

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    I order my diapers from Abu and on Amazon but
    Sometimes I go to the diaper depot in stone mountain Georgia because not only do they have baby diapers they also sell AB/DL diapers to if you live in Georgia you could always go there they have Abu space and little paws, abu preschool, super dry kids, rearz suduction, safari diapers but I don't know if they do shipping. I just thought I would throw it out there as a option.

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