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Thread: Seeing the doctor. Second visit. On uti

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    Default Seeing the doctor. Second visit. On uti

    So what should. I be asking? Its been burning more then usually. There was some pain where my hernia area but went away. Should I bring up diapers but that might go bad. Maybe I am looking for a medical reason so its okay to wear diapers.

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    I don't know on that one, if you don't medically need diapers then I would not wear one to the doctors office

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    No i will not. My mom knows but as long. As you do in private. She is okay

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    A UTI will have a harder time healing if you are wearing diapers. So if you don't have to wear them I would advise taking a break for them until the UTI clears up.

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    True but. I ask my dad if I can get rid of it and he said no you can't. Just. Have. To maintain. It

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