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Thread: Hi from Hello Kitty in N. Tx.

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    Default Hi from Hello Kitty in N. Tx.

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    Shy, Little/ABDL/Baby Girl in Ft. worth area. Have only been in the lifestyle for around 3 months.

    My Little age is 1- 4. I like to color, blow bubbles, play with my stuffies, suck on my binky , go to BuildaBear, and play at the park.

    Big me likes to go shopping, get a Mani/Pedi, ride Harleys.

    I don't get to be little very often.

    My favorite diapers are: Dotty the Pony and DC Amor because they are pink.
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    Hello HelloKitty and welcome to the group.

    Very nice informative introduction.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. Wow, big you rides a Harley? Cool. I have a number of friends who ride motorcycles. As for me, I just ride my bicycle. I'm not sure it's any safer considering how crazy other drivers are.

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    Welcome to this forum. ^^ Nice hobbies you've got there.
    But for a non-American: What is BuildaBear exactly?

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    Build-A-Bear is a store where you can go and 'build a bear' to your specifications. Great place for kids.

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    Thanks for the clarification!
    Sounds like a great store - there seems to be one in Germany too, according to their website. Never heard of them before, unfortunately. ^^

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