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    I haven't been about for a week or so, so apologies in advance if I've missed a similar thread.
    But I'm intrigued in these new men's romper suits!
    I would never in a million years wear one in public, but "little wombat" secretly thinks he would look positively adorable in one, perhaps with white ankle socks and the obligatory diaper.
    I'm a little, not an AB, and the whole baby thing doesn't really do it for me, but I love being a little boy. Sometimes I think being a baby would be easier, as it doesn't require much more than a diaper, and maybe a dummy or bottle, but dressing little can be more challenging. I've got my footed onesie which I love, but otherwise it's just trying to dress little with my boring grownup clothes.

    The romper falls directly into the same category as my onesie. Little kid stuff that unashamedly fits adults.

    Deep down I shudder to imagine what I'd actually look like in one, but I don't spend a lot of time looking in the mirror when I'm being little, thankfully!

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    Do you hae any links that would how what type you mean? Mybe the Sean Connery look in Goldfinger.

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    You might go to Amazon to find adult rompers. They are being marketed now as Romphims.

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    I have a baby Romper and such baby clothes. I really enjoy them. As long as they fit right around my diapers. I dream of being babies and diapered. Wouldn't mind having s mommy.

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