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    Any other guys out there that enjoy wearing compression tights? They are extremely comfortable. I wear them under shorts when I run and I wear them around the house without shorts specially if I'm working in the yard. My wife loves them on me. She likes what they reveal and I love them on her.

    Though, if they don'thabe lyrca part of the material, I think they are garbage. I don't like how some you can see through.

    I've seen some guys where them under shorts to the movies or part of everyday wear. Though, I'm not that confident yet to do so.

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    Can't say I've ever tried them but I 100% approve of the term "Meggings" and felt a need to voice my approval.

    I'm a skinny dude with a disproportionately big butt so I don't know if they'd be particularly flattering on me haha

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    Have and use a few pair of tights for cold weather rides, but no, I don't really care for the clingy feeling. I tolerate them because other options, like sweats, screw up my aerodynamics and generate too much friction on the saddle. Never heard them referred to as meggings.

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    I'm a long distance runner and I love tights. I got some great super warm ones for this winter made by Sugoi, and they were warm enough to get me through the entire winter, which says a lot because we have damn cold winters in Canada! It's been pretty much back to shorts weather for the past month, so the tights are packed away until next fall.

    I run a minimum of six miles a day and train for half marathons. I've done more than a dozen full marathons, but I haven't been as motivated in recent years to put in all the work required to run another one. I'm not saying 'never again' just 'not right now.'

    I've been running for thirty-eight years and I started wearing tights about thirty years ago when it started becoming accepted for men to wear them. I figure if I work this hard to stay in shape, I might as well show it.

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    Interesting. This study about compression tights and whether they actually improve performance just came into my mail yesterday from The Running Shoes Guru:

    The participating runners ran for thirty minutes alternating days with and without the tights. The study found that although compression tights greatly reduce muscle vibration, they don’t reduce muscle fatigue when compared to running without the tights.

    The study concluded there was no really no evidence they improve performance but the results may be different if they were to be evaluated for longer distances.

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    I was for a long time a marathoner who trained year round so I have lots of running tights in various styles and fabrics. During the winter months I'll still wear these to the gym (I go to a 24/7 place down the street that doesn't really have a locker room, so I just change /shower at home). Summers I just wear running shorts.

    I also tend to wear oversized sweaters and jerseys a lot in the winter so A lot of time I stay in the tights. My wife likes the look. I was real close to buying a pair of riding boots to go with the outfit.

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