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    I just started meal replacement shakes because I'm not that good at remembering to eat and wouldn't mind dropping a dress size anyway, so I got vanilla version on the cute (brand name) meal replacement shakes.. Drinking them out of a bottle in the morning makes me feel super little! It's like having milk as a toddler because it counts as a meal, tastes good and fills you up

    Weightloss and feeling little = win win!

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    When I first read this, I read "shakes" as a verb, rather than as a noun. Kind of changes the meaning.

    Yeah, my mind works strangely sometimes. LOL

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    I do this from time to time too, especially because I am notorious for forgetting to eat breakfast. I use the sugar free vanilla instant breakfast replacer 1 packet in 10 oz of milk as a breakfast, or as a snack 1 tbs of the packet in 5 oz of milk adds up to about 100 cals and it's high in protein. Plus it kinda feels like your drinking formula because it's thicker and no worries about the whole iron issue.
    I don't know if I would replace every meal with it but short term I guess you could. Maybe supplement with a little meal of a little meal.

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    Sounds cool; I wonder how soylent taste, and how well it would work. As far as I know you can use it as a total meal replacement.

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    Just beware of the iron it can contain if its designed for babies and toddlers, this kind of dose of iron can kill a healthy adult.

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