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Thread: Differing protection

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    Default Differing protection

    Curious to see the extend to how you guys pad yourselves up for incontinence. For me, the following rules tend to apply:


    Snap crotch onesie and a medium sized fairly absorbent nappy style pad. Only wear plastic pants when I'm going through a period

    Gym/dancing/shorts wearing:

    Pull-up on its own

    Guaranteed day at home:

    Large sized maximum absorbency nappy style pad with booster and plastic pants. Discretion isn't my priority at home as partner is more than comfortable with my issues.


    As above, but normally replace booster with a large sized baby nappy and wear a snap crotch onesie as my pyjamas.

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    I am one of the few that depends plastic back diapers meet most of my needs and juts wear them like one would wear underwear. with my level of IC the plastic depends meet most of my needs. and i have worn them for work and all kind of things,
    sine I have my own my lair all i wear is a shirt and diaper, one reason out side of comfort is if i do use the bathroom I don't need to clothing in the way, a few seconds may not sound much but that can be the difference
    of having a wet diaper or nor

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    Usually a confidry 24/7 all throughout, even through the night it gets through fine. Plastic pants all the time cause I also have frequent bowel accidents so it helps prevent the smell getting out that's about it. I take around a bag with everything I need when I go out.

    I do swimming and use swimmates+sosecure, had worked well for me although I've heard some water pooling inside complaints, doesn't affect me much.

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    I use a confidry and plastic pants for day use and 2 prefolds and snap plastic for nights.

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    I use tranquility slimline with a booster pad and compression shorts for work since its on the thin side plus its absorbant enough.when i workout or do something really active i use the tranquility pullup with compression home or when im sleeping i use a northshore supreme diaper since its more comfortable when laying down.

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    It varies as to the situation. Most of the day hours it's a confi-dry 24/7 with a booster and plastic pants. That usually does the job for me. Sometimes, if I'm going to be out all day, I'll skip the booster and use a pull-up cloth diaper (Kins model 10700). It's really no more bulky the a disposable with the booster. I can get all day wear and if I feel like it might be a particularly bad day I'll use the booster too (ie. a long day on the boat). Night wear is the disposable, booster, and the cloth pull-up diaper with plastic pants. aound the house during the day it's just the disposable, booster and plastic pants. Some days are different than others.A lot of days I'll wear elastic compression shorts for a better (stealth) fit.

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    It's varied over the years. For the last several years, I've simplified things to a medium Northshore Supreme pretty much all day at work and home. When exercising a depends for men with lightweight boxer briefs or just the briefs and shorts. Sleeping has me in a Northshore Supreme with a Dependeco diaper cover in case of leaks.

    I'd like to get back to what I used to do, which was a cloth diaper with booster at night and when at home and disposables only at work or exercising. Plastic pants over my diaper at night and Dependeco cover over my cloth diaper during the day when at home. Right now all my cloth diapers have become rags so I need to order 8 - 10. The main reason I've been solely using disposables the last two years is I've just been crazy busy and not much time to launder diapers.

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    It varies with me but usually either a tena maxi slip or similar with net fixing pants and inco pants over them to keep everything snugly in place. I sometimes wear attends or ccomfort extra pads during the day. Sometimes I war plastic pants and sometimes I don't but always at night.

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    For the past 9 months or so, I've primarily been wearing ComfiDry 24/7 diapers exclusively day and night. I typically use four of them in 24 hours.

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    Northshore Supremes for me, day and night, right under my pants. I find it easier than keeping multiple kinds in stock.

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