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Thread: Greetings from the oth... nevermind we are all here.

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    Default Greetings from the oth... nevermind we are all here.

    Hello Everyone Thought it best to start here and work my way up to bigger things.....

    First, no my name has nothing to do with the lifestyle, I misread a guys name when I was like young and it stuck, sorry its not funny or a better story. If you laugh Ill feel better. Most people on forums just call me BB

    I am a quirky kinda guy that hasnt told a sole about my desires until recently, now I've told 2. So it's still a little new for me to admit that I am a Diaper Lover. I am though, seriously. Now I've told the internet. Here we go! Mostly just like wearing for the calming effect but I do find it attractive and it has its allures as well, like no needing to get up during a movie or t shirt and diaper cooking (if you havent tried it everything but bacon is an amazing experience).

    In my non diapered time I am a Sr. Tech for a large company and I fix electronic things. I also am big into Cycling and can be found "in the saddle" quite a bit.

    I hope everyone who reads this is well and warm.


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    Hi BB,
    welcome to the group. you say you've told 2 people about your dl desires, how did they take it? Do you have a wife or partner and do they know? and if so are they accepting of that part of you. I'm in nappies 24/7 due to bladder IC and i know what you mean about frying bacon, although it tends to be my hands that get the worst of it, if you find you get a lot of spitting from the pan you are either using too much oil or too much heat or both. Have a browse through the forums and i'm sure you wil find some you like, in which case dive in, your opinion may just help someone.

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    One was a therapist and he decided I was a great study and I got poked and prodded tell I realised what he was doing and then I left. The other is the one I am hoping to marry soon and not well, not well at all. I am planning to tell the story to seek advise for the both of us. After 3 months she seems to be much less touchy on the subject. I don't want to mess it up with her so it's been kind of tense for me.

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    Hi BB,
    thanks for explaining i hope things go welll for you and i'm sure you'll find plenty of advice and support here on Adisc.

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