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Thread: Holiday themed diaper tapes?

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    Default Holiday themed diaper tapes?

    One way to dress up an all white diaper is with diaper tapes. ABU has an assortment but does anyone know of a place where you can get themed diaper tapes? Thought it wouldbe fun to have tapes for all the holidays especially with July 4th around the corner. Thanks for responding.

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    I seem to recall bambino offering custom tapes once upon a time, sadly I'm pretty sure they were discontinued.

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    You could always do something with duck tape. Many craft stores like Hobby Lobby have half an isle of different styles and sizes of duck tape, my local store carries over a hundred different styles at any one time. Always check the clearance isles in these stores as they usually clearance out seasonal duck tape after it's holiday or season has passed.

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    you might find them on ebay. there's also patterened duct tape that comes up here from time to time. Actual holiday themed diapers are rare but do occur. (buntewindel did one run of Christmas Diapers you can probably find on ebay)

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