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Thread: Rubber pants

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    Default Rubber pants

    I'm looking for good 3XL Rubber pants and can't find. Can anyone please help me. All my plastic pants are stiff on the legs. HELP.

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    I am not sure of any body that sell "Rubber pants". but my preference are from

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    I suggest getting on eBay or Google and doing a search for them. I know I have seen Rubber Pants listed somewhere, but I cannot remember the site. Hope this helps.

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    They are on ebay frequently--under 'adult baby pants' --I have seen both green and pink latex rubber pants. Also you might find them at .

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    If you want rubber and not latex, be careful and read the fine print. Some sellers confuse the two.

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    I thought latex was natural rubber. Please explain the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck View Post
    I thought latex was natural rubber. Please explain the difference.
    I'm afraid I'm showing my age. Latex is a plastic product where rubber was originally made from the gum of the rubber tree. Rubber may be a plastics product today, but it would be made to be just like the original rubber. I think rubber is thicker and smells differently. They used rubber pants back in the '40s and '50s, though latex came on the scene in the 1950s. Latex was probably cheaper and certainly lighter in weight.

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    I do have some of the Kins (Babykins) rubber pants. They seem to be stronger and more tear resistant than the latex pants sold by Kins. Latex rubber is from natural source material, sap of the latex tree. Rubber is a chemically produced compound such as nitrile rubber used for gloves. Plastics such as PVC, polyvinyl chloride, or PU, polyurethanes are a different family of chemical chains using different feed stock.
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    Thank you have what I'm looking for

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