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Thread: Gaining an attachment to a baby doll

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    Default Gaining an attachment to a baby doll

    I have my favourite cuddly toys but I was feeling sad today, I picked up my baby doll and cuddled her for about 20 minutes and I feel very sad now if I hadto get rid of her, I would very upset and I'm really starting to enjoy playing with her.

    I fed her my bottle, fed her baby food and gave her some toys. I instantly started to feel better after I cuddled her, is this normal for abs and littles?

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    1. I define a cuddly as any doll, plushie, pet or other toy that any child likes to hold and cuddle.
    2. I ( a big ICDL ) have a pet that loves to snuggle and cuddle, and I consider her my real, live plushie. She is also a valued family member.
    3. I feel rested, contented, and in general feel better when we cuddle.
    4. I therefore find that abs, littles and bigs of all types may cuddle their dolls, plushies, pets or other toys as much as they desire.

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    I bought a doll recently. It is a Lammily Doll. This is the "natural-sized Barbie" type of doll. When I heard that they had actually made it, I had to have one. It's really cute. :-)

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    I wouldn't be concerned with what is "normal". I'm attached to my stuffed monkey, and cuddle him at night, watching TV, or playtime. I get a really comfortable feeling when I cuddle/snuggle with him. I think it's one of the many benefits of being AB/little.

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    I think so. I'm like that with my blankey. Hugging it and snuggling it and rubbing it's fluff on my face is comforting for me. I don't do what you do because it's a blanket or anything, but I don't think anything is wrong with that! I agree with GDNTSKID. Don't worry about what's normal because normal is overrated. :P I'm super attached to my blankey, and I even gave him a name as well! I sleep with him every night because he's so soft and fluffy. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerry View Post
    I bought a doll recently. It is a Lammily Doll. This is the "natural-sized Barbie" type of doll. When I heard that they had actually made it, I had to have one. It's really cute. :-)
    It looks really realistic and I may consider getting one but I'm thinking of pricing. It's better than the plastered in make up and ridulicously skinny look but I grew up with Barbies and I don't look at their bodies, I just love dressing them up, liking the girly Barbie stickers and making stories with the Barbie.

    But yes the lammily dolls do look beautifully made

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    I love my Tinkerbell animator toddler doll a lot! I have started collecting them, my brother and friends have seen them and they like them, they just think that it is a collectors thing ;D

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    I sometimes bring my two moose plushies out to the kitchen table. My wife always raises her eyebrows, but it's her way of being funny. The mooses are the most active of my plushies and the ones most likely to get into trouble. I think we find ways to cope with life whether it's with dolls, or plushies or even a fast car. Dolls and plushies don't cost a lot of money and they don't hurt anyone, so why not.

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