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    Well, I came across a interesting search result that kind of makes my blood boil in despair, if you type Asperger's and Abuse into google (and I warn you, not to do it unless you want to get really pissed off) it really boils down mostly blogs which sprout the following nonsense.

    1. All People with Asperger's lack empathy and abuse NT partners.. eh questionable, while yes people with Asperger's can abuse anyone, and constant childhood abuse can lead to lack of empathy, people with Asperger just like the rest of the population, aren't consisted of 100% abusers. (to some this up 99% of the blogs will make out all people with Asperger are abusers and narcissistic. Most if not all the time It's the NT abusing the person with Asperger's and twisting it against them making them out to be the abuser. Same goes with a lot of disabilities not just Asperger's a lot of NT's can be real harsh and cruel once they realise you've got some kind of disability, sure with most people Aspergers isn't too noticeable but for me it was and I suffered a traumatic school experience due to it, even had it go as far as people twisting it to make me look like I've been the abuser and having people believe it due to my lack of social skills which obviously the NT took advantage of and somehow knew.

    2. I've got a feeling just by reading a lot of these blogs, It's not the Asperger's partner being abused, It's the person with Asperger's, as a kid I personally went through all kinds of abuse, and once the abuser found out I had asperger's they would 99% of the time blame that for whatever the problem is, and better yet make out I've been abusing them.

    Now I should clarify reading these blogs personally reminds me of the abuse I suffering in childhood so most of this is actually reflected on my abuse but it comes down to a lot of the time it's the abuse being twisted around by the abuser. While yes people with aspergers can be abusive, most of the time it's not the case, and most NT's are not abusers, but my personal life shows that most NT's I've ever come across are very cruel.

    Literally most of my abuse stems from my disability, I've noticed while people who are NT do get bullied, there generally not as much as a target as the disabled, someone notices you don't pick up on social skills, lets abuse this kid, pretend to be his friend, and abuse his kindness and than blame him for the abuse.

    The problem is, It to me does come off as a lot of NT's being abusers, most people I've ever come across have abused me in some way shape or form, even people walking down the street, really I'm not over exaggerating It happens all the fucking time to the point I'm actually scared to go outside sometimes due to a fear of a junkie beating and robbing me, never seems to target anyone else, It's like they fucking can see right through me.

    Oh, you've had your finger spliced open to the point blood is pissing out all over your hand and dripping down your finger, oh you didn't just get abused, your the abuser, which I had happen often in my teenage years, people would make out I would annoy them, or abuse them etc, than pin it on my Asperger's, saying Hi to someone once in a while, isn't the same as literally fucking stalking them, and annoying them constantly every fucking day of the second like the abusers make out it to be.

    To be honest with you I feel as if most of my abuse is because I have autism, I hated sport due to that reason, no matter what class I had I would always be the last one to be picked, out of all the people who had constant abuse by other students, It only ever seemed to be me and a few other people. Even the teachers would join in the abuse.

    Oh, jessica you lost your pencil again did you, no someone stole all my pencils out of my pencil case (which was true) It would happen on a const basis I think my parents spent over $100 on god damn pencils all the time.

    So I go to the teacher and ask for a pencil, there like you keep losing your pencils, despite explaining to them 100 times someone keeps either borrowing my pencil and not giving it back, or going through my shit and stealing it. So I go around the whole class like the teacher suggests and ask nicely to borrow a spare pencil, nobody would ever seem to have a pencil, so I wasted a good 30 minutes of my education doing this daily because some idiot kept stealing my shit, here is thing at the time I would just buy a 3 pencil set in the morning before school, and it would be in my bag before I left, anyway back to the story, as soon as the teacher says well no body has a pencil aye? she would ask the class and someone would give her a pencil, than the teacher is like, all you had to do was ask.. eh bitch what do you think I was doing for the last 30 minutes, and it would always be that one person who said no they didn't grr.

    Oddly enough the same god damn thing happened to another girl with aspergers called Nikki and Corey so I highly doubt it had nothing to do with it, it happened all the way upto year 7, in high school it actually stopped because we could carry our bags around constantly funny that aye? had the same 3 pencils for the semester, didn't go walk abouts, so it's clearly me not losing the pencil.

    Ah, sorry just had to spout my two cents, really makes me sad at the end of the day, a few kids found out I had aspergers because my mother told them, ever since that day, these three little assholes would make up some "non-existent" problem in there head, and blame it on my autism.

    Oh someone else did something? lets blame you and your autism was literally the motto of everything, for every single day, I was freinds with these couple people, and later on in high school kind of contributed to my suicidal thoughts later on.

    Personally with my sister, she has a habit of making out I abuse her, has it easy etc, all because I'm autistic, I don't hit her, I don't even talk to her, I offer her hugs, and that's about it, yet I'm the abuser? hmm doesn't that remind me of my childhood.

    Oddly enough all my true friends, which didn't last too long due to some NT using manipulation tactics on them had something unique about them, lack of social skills, dyslexia etc wouldn't ever use and abuse me, and I found that odd, because at the time I never had anyone treat me that well.

    Now oddly enough my interest in computers was kind of rooted in, hey this thing is cool, it doesn't abuse me, nobody seems to like me, so I'll just learn whatever I can about this cool nifty thing because it doesn't abuse me, and it doesn't tell me what to do, and I can do cool little things with it.

    The depressing part is, most of my abuse in childhood came down to me not wanting to get into trouble, long story short, the abusers had me think I was the one in the wrong etc, at one point in my life a guy named alex or adam in my class decided to black mail me over something stupid, so yes I stole his phone because I wasn't having any of that shit, and told him to fuck off.

    All these terrible experiences and more, eventually leaded me to have lack of empathy towards humans, terrible anxiety and depression, and possible eating disorders.

    I myself use diapers as a coping mechanism to bring me back to simpler times, it is soothing, that being said, the abuse stems to everyone on the autisic specturm, there was a segement on the news where a high functioning autistic girl was beaten up, and than another story where a boy had feces and urine poored on his head for an ice bucket challenge.

    Honestly I'm surprised none of that happened to me growing up, but I've had times where I've almost had the shit beaten out of me on the bus for no reason etc, like the girl on the news. people just attack autistic and the disabled for no real reason at all, and it pisses me off, when I hear of abuse of the disabled, it comes so close to home

    In year 11 there was this girl (she had aspergers) someone just casually walks up to her and punches her one in the face and had blood pissing out of her nose (some social drama thing) one of her hoax friends said to someone else or something along those lines. Looking back at that could of easily been me as I've had moments where I've had people threaten to break my nose over lies one of my "hoax freinds" told. (ie the abuser)

    Although a lot of my abuse is hidden away and forgotten about, what I do remember well is being kicked, stabbed with items, etc while the teacher watched and did nothing when I told the teacher to do something about it.
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    I have Asperger's and I am the one getting defecated on emotionally most all the time.
    I was bullied very badly in school growing up.

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    I was also picked on in school and it's not just kids with autism, it's pretty much with any disability if it's invisible and you look normal and look like everyone else.

    Also lot of those pages you see about autism being abusers are in the minority I would assume and the bad always stands out because the positive never stands out because no one talks about it. If you also look up BPD and abuse or NPD and abuse, you will also see victim blogs and pages about it and telling other people to stay away from them and how they are all abusers. You will never see anything positive about BPD or NPD by nons they call us. We're a non because we don't have a cluster B disorder. Do I think any of those victims are lying, no. I have been in bad relationships myself and been hurt in them and both my partners had mental illnesses. It still doesn't excuse how they treated me and anyone can be a jerk. And being in those relationships I often felt like hitting my partners because they would make me so angry but I controlled that impulse. I am sure some people out there have poor impulse control so they also resort to abuse and I always say if a relationship is making you into something you're not, then you better get out. But because you have always been abused and made out to be the abuser, I can see where you are coming from and why you would doubt these victims but at least you still knowledge people with autism can still be abusive.

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