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    Hello and Welcome!

    Let me dive in and let you know what your dealing with. A friendly, caring individual who will do his best to be sympathetic for you. I love Jokes and laughing and trying to make people laugh, the jokes can range from the very basic to the darkest pits of a snake's...pits...(had something there...) Bring forth your jokes if you wish and lets make each other laugh. I am a good friend when you get to know me.

    So lets call on the elephant in the room, I am "new" to diapers. I enjoy Plastic backed diapers as I feel they are THE diaper. I have a small interest in regression and would like to get into things a bit deeper than I am. I said New but I have worn diapers before, though I feel I haven't reached that feeling of a little.

    Video games rule my life! I love things from Borderlands and Diablo and recently got sucked into Prey. I mostly am on my Ps4 or even Steam so I have that range to work with. I stick with FPS (not COD) RPGs I love Hack N' Slash and am hoping on some new Combat Racing to come out. I stay away from MOBA games (thank the community of LoL and DOTA2 for that) so don't ask me to play them, (sorry). Apart from Video games I do enjoy Biking, and Hiking though I don't do it often. I love Camping and Drinking and I have recently begun smoking Cigars.

    I hope to find some people with similar interests and expand my pool of friends I have a very little pool right now, I wish it was bigger.

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    Hello LilbabCor and welcome to the group.

    Nice introduction.


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    Welcome to the website. I like to laugh too, and I am a massive fan of comedy. I regularly watch things like Southpark, Archer, Impractical Jokers, and stuff the like. I also like watching stand-up too, and I occasionally go to the comedy club at a mall a few hours from where I live.

    I also like games, but I mainly stick to the sports and driving games. Ill play some shooters like GTA, COD, Battlefield, etc. I've got a One though.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I used to play Diablo, I and II and it was a lot of fun.

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    Diablo lll is a lot of fun waiting for them to bring out Necromancer.

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    Hi, welcome and nice introduction. I'm new here too, but have been in diapers now for 8 years.

    I'm a DL and don't have any "little" tendecncies, but I do have related "pee fetish" tendencies.

    Cigars, ewwww, I can't stand the smell, but I really have no right complain because I'm a cigarette smoker.

    I've never played video games but I know a lot of younger men who really enjoy them.

    Have fun, Kelly

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    Welcome to this forum! I hope you'll enjoy your stay.
    I also really like jokes of any kind, even when they are dark (they are just jokes after all), as long as they have a good punchline. Video games are great, even though I'm less of a PC gamer and never played Diablo or Borderlands (although I've heard a lot of good things about those titles). RPGs are also great, of course, but I don't really find the time for it at the moment.

    Hiking is also good, I love that! What's the longest distance you've walked so far?

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    Give it time you will. And welcome from another newbie.

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