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    Over the course of the last few years, I have reached out to various adult babysitters that advertise on the internet. Usually they are interested until I mention I am disabled. Most disappear at the mention of a wheelchair. One or two have still been interested at this point but they are in another country most of the time, which would require international travel which has many problems in its own right.

    I do want a mommy for many reasons but finding someone interested in me has been hard.

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    It's not easy getting a mommy or daddy. With so many potential babies to choose from, having positive distinctions seems to be a must. For most people, a disability isn't going to be one of those positive distinctions. I think the only reasonable way to compensate is to form relationships and make your own positives with people. I am skeptical of those who advertise specifically as caretakers but perhaps I'm too harsh. I don't see how this kind of relationship works without a solid foundation and while an ad or casual meet may absolutely start off something like that, it's going to have a long ways to go from there.

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    I too and partially disabled, and use a wheelchair for anything beyond a small jaunt.

    Ive not been into too many mommy internet searches or site myself, but do understand on both sides.

    On your side, you feel the others immediately dismiss you cuz of a disability...and on their side feel it will be a burden!

    I have assistants and people to help me with most things, so all my gf haven't ever felt like there is a burden from me...

    Try to introduce you disability is a way that they can see it won't be a burden (as long as that's true) if you have helpers or assisted devices to keep them from being burdened with things...

    It should be similar to being short, might not be able to reach the top cupboards but you've got a step stool, and don't need help from them on that regards...

    Just my take...

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    Yes, I do not believe that the problem is the disability itself, but dealing with the weight of an adult disabled person.

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    not specifically targeting you, but because I see this alot, people making these posts generally are not understanding that asking someone to be in this position its one not something that the other person can just walk in and do, this type of relationship has to build up and its not over night. You either are born to this person or spend enough time in a relationship that it becomes something simillar.

    Next This isn't an insignificant commitment physically or emotionally, chances are if you try to push this on someone else they will not be committed physically or emotionally unless you actively find someone looking for that position. Even then, there is no guarantees.

    The big thing, there are generally more people out there looking for a caretaker then to be a caretaker. Truth be told being a care taker is not easy, even if its just online rp, it can be quite emotionally draining. Finding a caretaker on this level is alot like finding a job and starting a relationship at the same time.

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    The particular mommy I am thinking of, I simply mentioned I use a wheelchair and I never heard back from her. It would be hard to build a relationship because we are talking 1 email from her and my response.

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    I wish I was able to contribute more significantly or helpfully to this topic.

    When I think about it though, the advice that I would seek to give, centers more around my own life. I certainly do not have the same life challenges as you do, and have a hard time trying to imagine what I would do in your situation.

    I think however, that there is some advice that I would give ANYONE who is asking something similar to this, I only wish it was more helpful to you.

    Perseverance is a big part of attaining any life-dream or goal.

    establishing a friendship or even an acquaintanceship around shared similarities and enjoyments, as opposed to the end goal of having a ABaby/Mommy/Daddy.

    consistent interactions with individuals who are not only able to relate to you, but you are able to relate to them.


    With that said, I have come across tales of those who have need of a carer, who find someone, only to find that they are abusive, in the sense that they are only after money from disability checks, or worse. do not allow your desperation to blind you to the dangers in life, proceed into any situation with caution.

    I realize that you have mentioned a few abdl sites that you have orchestrated your search from, have you tried any of the vanilla dating platforms as well?

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