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Thread: If diapers became a fad

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    Default If diapers became a fad

    What if all of a sudden it became acceptable to just wear diapers? People started wearing the for road trips or long lines or traveling or going to a movie, school, etc. How would you feel? Would you hate it because you are no longer in the minority or would you love it?

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    I guess I can picture finding and interacting with a few more people who are also interested in this.

    but on a whole, I dont think it would change much, for me nappies are intimate. If nappies were a fad, I dont think I would suddenly feel the need to be intimate with the padded masses.

    I expect it would be nice to know when out and about, but as a whole, It would still be something private.

    what an interesting question though!

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    This question popped up because I have seen discussions on Wrongplanet about their special interests becoming a fad and how much they hated it. Like meerkats Manor became a popular TV show so all of a sudden everyone was into meerkats. You would think people on the spectrum would love it if their special interest became socially acceptable because they then can talk about it now because people will be interested but apparently not. Then fidget toys have become a fad now and they are not talking about how much they dislike it being a fad so it got me thinking if people with fetishes would hate it if their fetish became a fad such as with diapers.

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    I think it has had a few chances (Miley, Dr Phil, CSI, underwareness), but hasn't.
    I think it is generally too taboo or gross for the majority of people to consider wearing diapers for convenience sake. Most people probably picture wearing a diaper as having a poopy blowout and crying for mommy.
    Historically adult diapers have been associated with incontinence in the elderly, but I do think convenience wearing is becoming more common.
    If more people started to wear diapers as normal attire, it would likely generate new and hopefully better designs.

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    I wouldn't love it, but I would like it. For whatever reason diapers might or could become a fad, at the very least that would bring about a better understanding, and level of social acceptance. And who doesn't want to be accepted more.

    Plus, I'd be able to wear a tee shirt or have a bumper sticker that says I wore diapers before they were cool.

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    I think it would be great but after while. It will not fun. And risky. It would. Be like still wearing. Plan underwear. And boring

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    I think it's interesting how some other fetishes are becoming more mainstream. I have a friend who's a furry, and he's totally out about it. "Yeah, I like to wear a fur suit, it's a bit weird, but so what." There's also more mainstream acceptance of LGBT people . . . not to conflate that with a fetish, but at one time no man would admit to wanting to wear women's clothing or live as a member of the opposite sex.

    I could see diapers getting a bit more like that if we had some champions.

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    It wouldn't change my feelings or orientation. It would be really nice for it to be accepted in the mainstream. I wouldn't have to use so many levels of discretion when going out, for instance. Right now, there is a slight pre-occupation with cleverly hiding my secret under layers of baggy pants and big shirts. I wouldn't jump on any sort of bandwagon though, waving my identity as an ABDL around carefree but knowing I could without much danger would be welcome.

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    I wouldn't really care outside of possibly finding better prices on diapers.

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    Depend has certainly tried to make diapers more mainstream/acceptable recently with their ads. But I don't think they got much traction.

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