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Thread: Experiences that changed you for the better?

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    Default Experiences that changed you for the better?

    Anyone ever have a experience that changed them for the better? for example made you realize a simple truth that you weren't aware of before?

    My experience was as a kid, there was this kid in my class let's call him Mr Bullshitter, you know that drama causing kid who always claims X,Y,Z just to give you a wow factor.

    I would of been 7 so give me some slack, I did believe a lot of things he said, but here was the thing that changed my life for the better.

    He told me to twist his arm as he dislocated it or some bullshit, as a naive person I was, I twisted his arm, I dunno why he just seemed to be in a lot of pain (obviously acting the twat)

    So I went to the toilet, and than the oval, he comes up to me saying the teacher isn't looking for you, come play with me on the playground, now that raised some suspicions because why the hell would he mention that O.o, since I was heading to the playground anyway, I decided to go with him.

    The little shit lured me into a trap, and I got into so much trouble with the teacher, I think from memory it was a focus room (detention for little kids) He did lie to me months before this incident, than suddenly all his lies crumbled under his feet, and I just avoided him until year 5 which he came back faster than a mole, had to put up with that twat until I finished high school, I must say this person makes you and only you feel shit. (I suspect he is a narcissist) he didn't do too well in life anyway, good thing he isn't a teacher.

    Every since that day, I've always been very skeptical of peoples claims, and can see right through a lot of peoples bullshit, ie lairs and manipulators, while most people can't.

    I don't know why, but I think I developed connections in the brain at a young age that makes me question what people say?? without relying on emotions which I used to do when I was 7.

    Rumor has it to this day, the guy still bullshits (which he does, he doesn't stop all his claims are bollocks, and I'm the only one who can see it) where most people don't bother lying about simple things, he'll lie just because he can.

    That being said, what was your experience that made you realize or changed you for the better in the long run?

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    Probably most significant to date has been an athletic coach I stumbled across in my 30's who convinced me I could do something I didn't think was possible. It wasn't just a matter of blowing smoke up my shorts and cheerleading... she backed it up with "here's how you do it". This wasn't a 6 week thing, it took several years.

    The real life lesson, though, was that the process changed my view of natural talent vs. hard work in the direction of hard work. I was too old too get to pro or Olympic level, but I got close enough to see how it was done. Those at the very top might have a bit more talent, but for the most part they work longer and harder than everyone else.

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    I didn't know you knew Donald Trump...

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    My first boss always said "Things will get worse before they get better.". I finally realized he was right and that it means things will only ever get worse!
    Sorry feeling a bit pessimistic lately.

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    As a kid, I often ran around with some kid who would get me into trouble. I desperately needed that one friend, and I'd do anything to keep that friendship. As a result, I was stealing things, vandalizing properties, getting in trouble with the police, etc. Then I got hit by a car which broke both the tibia and fibula of my right leg. It also put a big dent into my forehead. None of the friends I had ever came to see me. I lost half a year of school that year as I was stuck at home in a hip to toe cast. Though I got around with crutches, it was a very serious break and they had trouble keeping the bones together long enough to heal.

    I played organ in a church and one of the women in the choir had two sons. She made them come visit me a few times, and I became close to the older brother as he and I were in the same grade. The doctors told me I would probably not walk correctly and by the time I was middle aged, I would have all sorts of problems. This new friend was on the football team. He got me into weight lifting, even while I was home and in plaster. When I was finally allowed to walk, I started to run with him. He actually physically rehabilitated me, but more than that, he morally rehabilitated me. I became a much better person because of him. Through high school, we remained best friends.

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    My experience that has changed me for the better was my addition to synthic drugs (K2/Spice). Shortly vefore getting hooked on it i had given up my will to live. Was suicidally depressed and started smoking k2 to escape reality it would make me feel like i was almost in a dream like state. After 2 years of being addicted to it and being in an almost schizophrenia like state of mind. I found a very very strong batch of k2 and tried to overdose. I didnt die that night though i went into a state of psychosis. My sister dound me in this state. Which she described as like i was being possesed by something. (arguing with something that wasnt there, my vocal cord litterly switching from my voice to a very deep voice) She was able to snap me out of this state eventually ended up telling my mom about my drug addiction. Same night my family gathered and had an intervention. I quit k2 cold turkey that night. What i saw and experienced scared me straight. What came out of this was regaining my will to live. But have had to learn to cope with what i assume is permanent damage/ side effects caused to my brain from the drug. Started to work on my self during this process and have worked through many deeply burried emotions and slowly but surely have been improving myself and my state of mind over the past 4-5 years since it happened. Making it my goal in life to find inner peace, self love, happiness. Its been a work in progress but i see where i was and where i am now and have seen how much better off i am now. I still suffer from anxiety attacks but have learned ways to cope with them. All and all i wouldnt be who i was today if it wasnt for k2. A bad experience made me a better and strong person.

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    He was referring to Willy Clinton

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    I didn't know you knew Donald Trump...
    Didn't you mean Obummer?

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    I joined a forum for Pokemon back in 2004. I was really n00bish and crap. I bugged the staff a lot, and they would talk about me behind my back. It wasn't long until I started to learn from others and change for the better. I started to reserve myself more and not trust everyone I met. I also smartened up and all that stuff. I've matured a lot since that time as well. Sure, my experiences came from bad ones... but they made me realize that what I was doing was wrong, and it was time to change my attitude.

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