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Thread: If North Korea Launched a missle

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    Default If North Korea Launched a missle

    If the DPRK launched a ballistic device(missile), with the aim of reaching either the U.S. Or allied territory, regardless of where that is located, a ballistic device that was intercepted mid flight and destroyed by a response ballistic.

    Would the world at large cry for more sanctions?

    what would the U.S. response be?

    at what point, are a nations populace responsible for the government that represents them?

    Is a population that is oppressed by its government, but still publicly praises them, pardoned and exonerated for the choices that their government makes?

    Is a devastating forceful response off the table except perhaps, after a confirmed nuclear device is launched as well, with the intention of detonation in U.S. or it's allies territories?

    I ask because of the rush of successful tests done recently, the confirmation of advancing technology on the side of the DPRK,

    as well as the repeated continuing threats originating from their supreme leader, the latest of which following a successful test, promised to deliver payloads to the U.S. seaboard.

    Sorry for the short starter post, also, yes. I used the wrong version of missile In the thread topic...*face palm*
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    I think it would all depend on what the UN Security Council would do. If any of the "communist block" countries veto any proposed actions then it turns into an entirely different issue.

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    I recently watched an interview with a north korea dissident, formally a high ranked person there. He said Kim would use the bomb. It's only some guys opinion but still.
    I hope this will not happen.
    The people there are suffering badly I think and that's partly due to sanctions. I hope they find a peaceful solution some day.
    It's strange how a country can build up military and launch missiles while the people don't have enough to eat.
    You knew you could actually go on vacation there? There will be constantly government folks watching you and you will be forbid to talk to the citizens but bizarre.

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    If a north korean missile even crashes in US territory without even blowing up, I'm sure our jokster in chief, old Drumpf himself, would launch a nuke their way. Of course, that would likely mean we all die in a nuclear world war three....

    And the only sanctions any country will be imposing is going to come from China. They, and the Russians, have already blocked other proposed sanctions against north Korea, and will likely continue to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    If the DPRK launched a ballistic device(missile), with the aim of reaching either the U.S. Or allied territory, regardless of where that is located, a ballistic device that was intercepted mid flight and destroyed by a response ballistic.
    *******tongue in cheek warning**********

    If only. If there is a God, they'll manage to hit Sodom West. Conservative response would be a shrug and "Alrighty then. Problem solved."

    ******* end of tongue in cheek warning**********

    If it were to happen, and that's a mighty big if, I don't think a nuclear response is a foregone conclusion. The Norks industrial base is small enough that nukes wouldn't be required. Sending them back to the stone age is not a very long trip. Even it were to be done, a couple tactical nukes on cruise missiles would be enough to take out whatever they've got in the way of nuclear infrastructure, with maybe one more for a personal greeting to the chubby perpetrator. Nobody wants clouds of radioactivity over South Korea.

    I would be very surprised if this hasn't already been discussed in detail with Russia and China via back channels.

    I think a far more likely scenario under the current administration would be a conventional first strike before DPRK gets a chance to try and fail. Concerning, but not as concerning as the 'just kidding' lines in the sand drawn by Obama.

    P.S. We've tried launching missals at them and the missionary delivery systems have been imprisoned or deported

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    My personal opinion is that in all reality North Korea is a non issue, If you listen to anyone else's news reports there's tension but not the tension that our own media seems to be creating.
    Now if they do launch a "hot" missile, you better believe that they will be blown off the map, china will support this because we owe them so much money in dept. At this point the Russians would need to be onboard with us, this is why you see the interactions with us and them, the only problem is that we have our own political groups of people that are purposely undermining the trump admins way of doing business. Whether its right or wrong, I firmly believe its to early to tell.

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    I agree with Maxx and pampers4U. If idiot Kim is anxious and delivers a missile in the near future, he doesn't have much in reserve to back it up. We do have anti-missiles, but they say it's very difficult to strike an intercontinental ballistic missile. Still, Kim Jon takes a big risk and one that would lead to the annihilation of North Korea. There would be a retaliatory strike against South Korea and millions of people would die. People would die and stock markets would crash and there would be much rhetoric in the press. Then the smoke would clear and life would go on for us in the U. S. and in the western world.

    I honestly think that Kim Jon Un is smarter than that, or his Generals are. They remind me of the book and movie, The Mouse That Roared. Yes, it may be a nuclear mouse, but it's still a mouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    *******tongue in cheek warning**********

    If only. If there is a God, they'll manage to hit Sodom West. Conservative response would be a shrug and "Alrighty then. Problem solved."

    ******* end of tongue in cheek warning**********
    Depends on the person. My dad would literally celebrate it, especially if it hits Cali. Me and the vast majority of conservatives would be beyond pissed. You'd see a lot of us enlisting (I already am) and volunteering to go straight to NK.

    I believe there would be a cry for more sanctions. Russia and China would also get cold feet over NK. they don't want to get into WWIII because of a madman
    Response could be anywhere from nothing to a full invasion to nuking their entire country.
    Depends on the situation. The NK people can't really do too much.
    An overwhelming response is very much on the table. As I said, the nuclear option is there.

    A nuclear attack on a major city actually isn't NK's biggest threat. Worst case scenario, we lose a city and the lives, economic impact, etc. What we need to be terrified over is if they turn it into an EMP. Worse case scenario, good bye USA. Granted, we'd nuke them till they glowed, but we'd be back in the

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    Anyone who is down playing the threat that Kim jong Un poses is quite moronic. We are talking about an unstable egotistical maniac that may or may not actually beilive he is a God. It's not a question of how many or how far his nukes can go but more how he uses them and what targets he fires on. Seoul south Korea will be reduced to rubble and wiped out first most likely. The amount of pre-existing dug in fortified conventional non-nuclear missiles and artillery that have been aimed at Seoul since Kim Ill Sung's rule is more than enough to decimate the city and with the close proximity there is nothing you can do to stop him. A standard QRF can have a large defending force in infantry and moderate air and motorpool reinforcements is roughly 15 miniutes after the order is given and even with perfect coms it's maybe about 2-8miniutes to authorize and deliver the orders and location giving DPRK about a good 20-30 miniutes head start. Seoul will be gone by then. You may be able to stop some of it but you won't stop all of it.

    The type of war Kim Jon and North Korea is likely to wage would be a murder/suicide campaign. Day no they're not gonna survive so they're gonna do as much damage as they possibly can. The easiest way to do that is to take out the world-economy And injure or infect as many civilians as humanly possible. Which could lead to sleeper cells with bio-bombs in areas like london, new York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, rome, the Vatican, and any other high profile city or country area as well as ground detonated dirty nukes in areas like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai that are within his suspected missile range.

    As we speak he has the capability to deliver on these. Don't play him down, any 3rd world pissant dictator with theorized nucular capability needs to be handled with caution.

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    We need to work with the Chinese and our own allies in the area. Wolfpack91 is correct the civilian casualties in Seoul would be horrific. It is the world's 16th largest city with 26 million people living in the metro area. There are no easy answers but our policy has to be well thought out and coordinated with the other countries in the area. Resorting to armed conflict is unthinkable.

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