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Thread: Girl wearing adult diapers in "Popular"

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    Default Girl wearing adult diapers in "Popular"

    Hi everyone

    I just made an interesting discovery while watching "Popular", an old teenage tv-series : in the first episode, we see the father of the main character coming back home with a pack of adult diapers for her! My english being quite bad (I'm watching this kind of series to exercise it), I'm not sure to fully understand the following dialog..can somebody help me? Thanks a lot in advance!
    Btw, I don't know if there are other mentions of the girl's potential incontinence in the next episodes but maybe you're better-informed than me..
    Here is the sequence (from 6:00) :

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    Do you know if we learn more about this "diaper-topic" in the next episodes, or for what reason the girl has to wear them?

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    I think they were meant to be maxi pads/feminine napkins, but the inept father figure bought adult undergarments

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuybrushT View Post
    I think they were meant to be maxi pads/feminine napkins, but the inept father figure bought adult undergarments
    Yeah that's what I was getting from it when she said "I use the type with wings" which is referring to maxi pads.

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    "Using the ones with wings" is always confusing for pilots.

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    I agree with the above, she wanted maxi pads/feminine napkins, but the father bought adult protective underwear instead haha sounds like something my dad would do

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    Yeah the dad accidentally bought diapers when he was supposed to buy maxi pads / tampons for the woman

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    Not to be nit picky they are actually belted undergarments with two fabric straps with 4 buttons to be used to go into the slots of the absorbent undergarment Depend type. Details folks details LOL..

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