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Thread: Stupid bullcrap I get blamed for.

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    Default Stupid bullcrap I get blamed for.

    This is an addition to my thread in EC+ but this is more written based on the stupid nonsense I get blamed for.

    Today when I was baby sitting, I was looking after all of them, but was mostly in another room babysitting a 1 year old to make sure they don't get into stupid crap like nails or batteries or even hammers, so one of the kids decides to throw a fricking cake on the ground I tell them off I get blamed for it -.- and abused.

    Oh, and apparently I make the kids vomit, despite them being sick all the fricking time, with whatever stupid illness they give each other, I don't know about you, but if I'm on the other side of the house, there isn't any way I can make a sick person vomit, I don't have some special mind powers.

    Internet goes slow, my fault because I got a new wifi dongle to replace my faulty pci-e card. because you know that's how you slow down a entire network to 4.5 kilobytes a second, not like a phone line issue and weather is at fault there.

    Kids leave the door open 24/7 about 5 flies come inside, my fault because I smell... well in his head anyway, I don't smell any worse than most teenagers.

    Long story short whenever I baby sit them, they always scream and carry on when my dad comes back, as screwed up as this sounds, they do it because they want to go for a drive, which really pisses me off because they get what they want, then I get abused because he has to take them.

    I don't know about you, but I totally throw cakes on the ground, steal one of there shoes, steal his hammer and nails, insert X here as honestly I don't know how my dad cannot see through it, but it's obviously so ridiculous that it's not even funny anymore.

    Honestly when I'm not there they usually blame each other for whatever stupid crap they do, then when I'm home they usually blame me straight away.

    It's well known that my dad is delusional, but damn it pisses me off when I'm getting blamed for them screaming or crying because I told them off for doing something as stupid as throwing cake everywhere in the kitchen, shitting on the grass etc.

    I don't hurt them, I just say don't do that again, or what the hell do you think your doing, or why did you do that? but the way they carry on would make anyone think I back handed them a couple times, honestly the way they act, makes you want to rip your hair out, and I'll probably go grey by the age of 30.

    What else am I supposed to do, pat them on the head and say good boy?

    Oh and don't forget they grab hammers and threaten to hit me with it, ie raising it above there head pretending there gonna hit ,me with it, obviously I'm going to take it off them, but they go around screaming so loud that I'm surprised police haven't come and checked it out yet.

    I've been hit in the heads, arms legs, been bitten, scratched etc, often, I've had nerf guns literally whacked across my head to the point that it's left bruises etc.

    The problem is there spoil brats, they get away with everything because they blame me, when they get caught out for there lies, they scream making out I did whatever there blaming me for, my dad realized today that he was full of horse crap, but he doesn't usually notice this. and than some how justifies it by thinking I lie all the time despite it being so obvious that there lying.

    By delusional, I mean he watches crap like Alex Jones, thinks every major terrorist attack is a government plot, *insert crazy nonsense here* Obama is a reptile etc
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    How many kids are your watching, because even two can be overwhelming. You can only be in one place at a time, though I realize as parents, we have to find ways to make this all work. Still, even when I was a young parent, it could be exhausting. The hard part was to be patient all the time. For me, the best part of the day was reading my kids bedtime stories. Sometimes I would make up scary stories, some which became part of my novel.

    But you aren't their parent and that makes it harder. Planning some activities and staying involved with them might help.

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    Speaking about the grey hair part, I started going grey at 11. It's only a few hairs here and there but I think it's stress because my older brother would always do the same to you and my parents are on his side 75% of the time.

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