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Thread: Just came back from a purge of all things abdl

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    Default Just came back from a purge of all things abdl

    I haven't worn diapers or done any little things in a long while, I haven't been feeling it. I kind of realized that this is a part of me and I am slowly embracing it. Though I still feel strange from time to time about being little. This seems to happen a lot to me, but I consistently come back to the diapers and the community around them. Is this unusual? I don't always know how to feel.

    Do any of you guys go on anti diaper purges? It is difficult at times to allow this to be a part of me that I'm not somewhat bashful of. but I try to embrace that I love diapers and after a few months of regular underwear i had to cave in and buy some diapers. I just bought some diapers from ABU because there had been a drought for so long :'). How can something so good feel so wrong?


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    1 of the dumbest things to do on a diaper purge is to throw stuff out, did it too much in the past.

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    Yes I have had a break for a time and even thrown out all my stuff..but I just let it pass anymore.. in the end I realize how wonderful I am allowing myself to Feel and Nothing compares to this security that I can find nowhere else..Only talking to other ABDL's comes close..this World can be a Harsh place..I think we All need each other..

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    No more purges for me. I'm getting too old to care what others think about a part of me that is harmless and unchangeable. Thanks to this site, I no longer feel shame or guilt for my natural feelings. I wear every day now. It's my life. It's my lifestyle and my identity. For years I tried to shove it away, suppress it, fear it, even. Terrified that the normal outside world would rip me apart if they found out. Scared that I would creep people out and drive them away. I felt like an abomination because I had these weird feelings.

    Purges did nothing but ruin my self esteem, self image, and confidence. I feel terrible guilt and am a horrid self harmer. I've developed Borderline Personality Disorder I think, in part, because of the shame and fear I felt over this secret that I hid from the entire world. When you have a vital part of you that has to remain hidden from the world, it does something to your head.

    So seeing as this ABDL thing causes no harm to me and makes me feel natural and feel like the real me, I'd say the purge days are over. If those weirdo feelings creep back up, I diaper up and drive them away. Bye, bye, demons. Go bother someone else.

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    Congratulations and condolences on coming back to our side of the world.

    My purges over the years have been out of necessity, or perceived necessity anyway... like when the daughter, her husband, and two kids moved back with us, or more recently I did a partial purge when it looked nearly certain that a half-crazy adult relative was going to live with us. Junked the older more worn out stuff so I only had a compact stash that could be re-hidden, moved, or dumped on short notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocosaurusrex View Post

    Do any of you guys go on anti diaper purges?
    I think a better question to ask is"Do any of you guys NOT go on anti diaper purges?" I think most of us have been through several or more of them throughout our lives. It's a sign that we're still struggling with accepting this part of ourselves. Purges are expensive (!) and they are a step backwards because we try to convince ourselves that we can succeed in getting rid of this part of ourselves, and then feel more shame when we cave in and succumb to the desire again.

    Moderation is key, like everything else in life. Like any other fetish, it is important to remember you are not harming anyone else with your behavior, so relax and enjoy it. Loving diapers is only one aspect of your life, and they do not define you as a person any more than your love of skateboarding. In time it gets easier and the purges become less frequent. The best bit of advice I can give is if you're going to purge again, then keep your stuff packed away somewhere for when the desire returns, and don't toss it all away.

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    I've tried to break away but carn't last, I just get more anxious, stressed and don't know what to do with myself. So have always come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    I did a partial purge when it looked nearly certain that a half-crazy adult relative was going to live with us.
    Maxx, does this mean the relative was a Democrat?

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    I resonated with your comment so much. I liked how you said it doesn't define me as a person. That statement alone made me feel so much more reassured that I have nothing to feel shame for. Thank you, and to everyone who replied with their personal experience and advice. This is a great community.

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    I went through multiple binge purge cycles before I started to embrace myself. It feels much better when you start to embrace. It's also cheaper because you don't have to rebuy things.
    I've found only way out is through. As a bonus, it's enjoyable

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