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Thread: Tykables stock.

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    Default Tykables stock.

    ANY one know when they plan to get more diapers in?

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    Good question.

    I went to buy a case tonight, running low!

    Anyhow, anyone know, is there a rep on here per chance?

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    Is there any interest in some Snuggies Waddlers size Large? I have about 11 bags of the originals. (I stocked up when they went on sale just before they went out of stock and changed to "Tykables") I also seem to have just as many Overnights and Tighty-Whities. (total of 11 bags between the two) Again size Large.

    Yes there's a Tykables rep here, though we don't hear from him all that often.

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    Yeah, I would love mediums as well. I never got a chance to try them out.

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    Since Barebum and Tykables are made on the same line, does anyone get the feeling that Casey bought out Barebum to tie-up the production line and squeeze Tyk?

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    I think tykables is trying to grow to fast. And can't keep up with demand. I believe he just open a store in Australia. Also every time he goes to an event he seams to run out too.

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    This is just what I was talking about in another thread. After constantly running out so many times, you'd think they would order more frequently (such as once every month instead of every other month, or whatever frequency needed). Their total inventory wouldn't grow by that much or if any, but their storage space wouldn't be so empty all the time.

    Plus, they'd sell more diapers overall. And that means they'd make more money, while also have a better reliability rate with customers. But whatever.

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    Frustrated here as well. Had to get my last order from ABDL Factory as Tykables was sold out. Todaler - can you help us???

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    Yeah it a bummer. I like there diapers sometimes the abena irritate me. I have a good supply of the pleather. But don't like how the black rubs off on my bed pad. Im saving them for the winter when it's not to hot for plastic pants.

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