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Thread: Nevada Burner guru thing: Yet another strange human

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    Default Nevada Burner guru thing: Yet another strange human

    Posting because i have to "de-lurk". I like lurking for the most part. While i enjoy my fetish, i generally keep it to myself.

    I'm a DL who lives between Las Vegas, Reno, and Black Rock City (i.e. "Burning Man". i'm pretty famous there, you know...). I consider myself a "Grey-A" which means i'm not super into sexual relationships....unless i have some serious trust built up with you. And even then, it's not something that is a huge driver in my life. I have my fetishes and am fairly happy with them (the other being vore. don't look it up. it's horrible and no, i don't know why i enjoy it. bulges are my thing, yo)

    Some would consider me a wise person. I seem to have some kind of charm and deep thinking abilities. I've been described as incredibly intelligent, gulliable, easy-going to the extreme, a "dude", a fat bearded green eyed giant suspender wearing ultra hipster, and.....well....i dunno, but they're generally positive. "spiritual guru" is another one. I don't deny it. I enjoy talking about things that actually really matter. Life. Death. The nature of the self. I enjoy talking about these things and it un-nerves some people.

    I'm just another human. I'm about half-way through my experation date in my mid-thirties. I'm not really actively seeking out a partner. I enjoy the feminine form, certainly, but i'm very open to relationships..........i mean, i go to burning man.

    Heck, i've been described as "Burning Man's Mascot". I dress strangely and in bright colors and have this natural "grace" that "things just happen" around me.

    I try not to plan too much.

    Anywho. There you go. that's "me". and by "me" i mean............meh. I don't get hung up on myself. Letting go from one's attachments to self-identity has been very rewarding for me. We're all somebody. We paint our paint. And then we die.

    We were never really here to begin with. But while we are busy not being here, ENJOY THE COLOR!

    Diapers. I wear them on occasion when i feel like it. Big fan of those dry 24/7's. I'm kind of a big guy but those larges fit me perfectly and they are a true diaper. I wet and mess. Diapers are not central to my life and i don't really wear them in my personal public life but have no quams about wearing in randomized public life.

    I came for the diapers. I'll stay for............well......the diapers still.

    If y'all have any questions, let me know. No, i don't wear diapers at Burning Man. I'm out there in the desert a LONG time and my life pretty much revolves around going to that thing in the desert. Diapers and Burning Man do not mix very well. No water out there, you know, and i can not risk infection given the lengths of time i'm out there. Maybe one of these days i'll have an RV to change myself but until then......i'm fine passing up that aspect of myself in that truest of true places where one expresses themselves in their highest most creative and honest of ways......

    The art i bring out there is part performance art, part impermanent art, and part soul-art. I help people change. I look strange. and I build things for months that we just burn down.

    Impermanence is "a thing" with me.

    Speaking of which........

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    hello Wombatalope and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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