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Thread: Wet the bed for the first time since toddler age last night. Why?

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    Question Wet the bed for the first time since toddler age last night. Why?

    I was in a dream related to last night's storm which knocked down trees onto power lines and we believe a weak tornado may have blown threw. There was random puddles of both wet and dried up pee throughout the house. For some odd reason I decided to walk up to a random trash can in the dream to piss and I had two members, one spraying into the trash can and one spraying down on my leg and then I woke up and heard a bit of a hissing sound that suddenly stopped. I noticed a small wet spot underneath my underwear and quickly went to the bathroom to finish off. Why would I suddenly wet the bed straight out of nowhere almost 19 years later from the last time?

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    Sometimes when you are dreaming of peeing, it is because your brain is telling you that actually do have to pee. I have dreamed of pee and woken up in various stages of wet also. I wonder if everyone has done this too?

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    Happened to me multiple times. It still happens and sometimes I'm kinda half awake when it happens but I don't wake up enough to stop it :/

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    This happens to me every couple of weeks or so. I'm dreaming that I'm peeing in the toilet and in reality I'm peeing in my diaper. That's one of the reasons I'm diapered EVERY night.

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    If you're not a bedwetter and you haven't gotten used to peeing laying down, it is actually pretty unusual to wind up with a wet bed. Usually if you really have to pee, you'll dream of peeing and then wake up to a very full bladder but no accident. If you actually wet, as here, you were likely a) drunk b) already used to peeing laying down or c) you're an especially deep sleeper and more vulnerable to bedwetting than most people.

    As a comparison point, I've been peeing laying down in diapers for several years now and I've only wet the bed for real twice in all that time. Once when I had a back injury (which I feel like barely counts), and once as a very tiny amount with a really full bladder when I was unusually wearing my footie jammies without a diaper and I woke up but started peeing because my mostly asleep brain wasn't processing that I didn't have a diaper on, and the second one I caught immediately and stopped myself after a little dribble.

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    Oddly enough I've had many dreams of me peeing but NEVER wet the bed in my entire life, at least not by accident hehe

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