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Thread: Diaper you trust the most.

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    Default Diaper you trust the most.

    A few weeks ago I went to the movies with some friends. I was wearing a Bare Bums with a Northshore booster pad that had already had a couple of good wettings and I knew it was close to needing changed. I got the largest soda and drank it all. Needless to say my bladder was full to bursting so when everyone else was in the bathroom, I stood outside using the bathroom I was wearing.

    When I was done I was amazed at the fact that this small diaper could hold as much as it was without one drop coming out, not even moisture on my legs. It was also the thickest wet diaper I had ever had with out a doubt. So it got me thinking.

    What is the diaper you would trust the most in a situation similar to that one?

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    The ABU Space/Simple/Little Pawz line for me. I have used them enough to now where their limit is and I know they will hold as much as they can until the very end. ABU's in general also hold up better than most when at full capacity and don't seem so suffer tape or clumping issues when full.

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    I don't wear in public, but the Abena Abri-Form M4 (plastic-backed) is the only diaper that I really "trust" not to leak unexpectedly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INCONTAL View Post
    Abena and tykables work best for me.
    I second Tykables. They work great for me

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