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    Hi all needing to advice or recommendations. I'm paraplegic, that is paralysed from my waist down and as such use a wheelchair full time. I've very little bladder control although I have some sensation. Been using condom catheters and leg bags for years without many problems and give me relative peace of mind and don't have to worry about finding an accessible loo, but they are not exactly discreet depending on what you are wearing[ so been told tena make great pull ups that are relatively discreet and above all reliable. Anybody out there used? think I'll try heavy to medium loss to begin with
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    I'm very sorry to tell you that Tena pants no matter the absorbancy is real bad.Pull ups in general won't work well especially because you would be in a wheel chair.
    A discreet diaper brief like Tena slip plus or Molicare would work far better for your need.

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    Hi wheelz4legz,

    I can understand your situation, I'm also a wheelchair user as well, my advice would be to try and get hold of some samples of different products and see what's best for you, personally I have found pull ups not that good and do where a nappy type product because I feel more secure and also you don't necessarily have to strip everything off to change your pants

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    Thanks Luckyfish that's really helpful much appreciated

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    Hi cp88 yes was thinking along those lines just trial and error and of course in private until I find the right product

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