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Thread: Greetings! I'm new and awesome, get to know me!

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    Default Greetings! I'm new and awesome, get to know me!

    Hello! I am Kittyhobo, the one and only. Hopefully the one and only at least. I'm one cool cat, and I'm an adult baby, or something of the sort. If I weren't I probably wouldn't be here.

    You may now be wondering, "Well what makes you such a cool cat?" My answer is, "Nothing." But I'll let you decide for yourself, and to do that you need to know a little about me. I'm a student at a local college studying to become a history major. I believe that my end-goal career is being a history professor. I have a profound interest in history and I think that teaching history would be a great career choice for me. I'd get to help all the kiddos and enlighten them with the wonders of the past. Plus I've always been a "teaching" person.

    I think that I would love to meet people here and make some friends, I'm normally very reclusive, even though I'm an extrovert. But to be honest I believe that it would help to get more involved in the community to make myself more comfortable with the idea of being an ABDL. I hope I get to meet new people and maybe even stay for a while, and I can't wait to hear more about other members, thanks for reading!

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    My dad is also really into history as well. :3 I try to get into it... but I have a poor memory. XD Welcome to the forums though! <3

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    You get a welcome from me just for having a decent introduction thread. Oh, and I also like history.
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    Wow! What a great intro! You got my attention, now I want to know more. So what got you started in this ABDL stuff? And, being in college are you able to participate in anything (privacy or not)? Can't wait to learn more about you.

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    Sorry for not responding Little2Roo, i got a little busy. I has always been an AB, I got a few memories and experiences that display that pretty obviously. I don't quite understand what you mean by if Ican participate in anything, sorry :/! BUT I absolutely love your picture. It's so cute!

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    That's one great intro :3 I'm not super active here, but you get a welcome from me anyway... And woo! Kitties! My sona's part kitty as well.
    History's nice, although I'm not quite as much into it as other subjects. I'm more of a language person I think. Good luck with the studies though, and with your stay on here, hope you'll have a grand time~ ^^

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    Oh, thanks for getting back, Kittyhobo. And thanks for the compliment. What I meant was, does your living situation give you enough privacy to be padded often, or wear other baby stuff? A lot of college students have room mates that don't know about their Little side.

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    I currently live at home with my family while I save up as much money as I can. I get padded when my family isn't at home, or while I'm out. They usually don't bother me in my room though, So I have a few baby things in there, still hidden though. I don't complain though, I'm not trying to shove it down their throats, or even have them find out.

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