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Thread: What are examples of "restricting or otherwise interfering with the use of the road"?

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    Default What are examples of "restricting or otherwise interfering with the use of the road"?

    I took my kids to the cave today and there was no parking because it was packed so other cars were parked on the side of the road that were not parking spots so I did the same too but I didn't park where it said no parking. I parked on the side of the road by another car and I saw another ranger driving by in a ambulance like truck so I asked him if my parking was okay and he said yeah. I come back with a pass to put on my rear view mirror and there were two other cars parked behind me on the side of the road.

    But on the way home I noticed papers under my windshield wipers so I pulled over and looked at it and I didn't know why I got a ticket. it had that violation listed on the ticket I have in my thread title.

    My mom thinks I should write a letter to the address and send it in but I decided to wait until I get a court date in the mail and then go from there.

    I am still confused about why I got this ticket so can anyone list examples of what would be restricting or otherwise interfering with the use of a road?

    I would hate to get points on my vehicle or on my license because of some idiot officer just because I was told by a forest ranger my parking was fine. The worst that can happen is them not believing me and they raise the fine.

    Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else and did you have to pay the price for it because of some idiot officer? I am still trying to figure out if I did something wrong or if this was a mistake. Was I not supposed to go the caves because of no parking spots left and I wonder if all the other cars got tickets? I figured since they were packed, they would cut their visitors some slack with their parking because the rangers were driving around patrolling and they weren't saying anything about the parking and they were not saying anything to the people leaving their vehicles. I even talked to one of them passing by.

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    Huh. Was it a narrow road? Perhaps one where two-way traffic became difficult once people started parking on the sides of the road? That's the only thing I can think of. If it had been a 'no parking' kind of thing, surely the ticket would have said that. I wonder if an officer came by and just ticketed everybody who was parked there. Probably.

    Anyway, I bet you have a pretty good chance of getting it tossed or reduced in court. If the ticket really is non-obvious and you can project genuine confusion over how you might have deserved it, I expect a judge will be sympathetic. That is a pretty odd ticket, IMO.

    I've had good luck in traffic court. My first time going was because I got pulled over for speeding at the bottom of an extremely steep hill, which felt like blatant entrapment. That one ended up deferred, and never went on my record.

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    Cars were still able to get through but everyone had to drive slowly by them and everyone was driving in the center and then they would stop for upcoming cars so they can get by and they were pulling aside also so two cars were still able to get through but people were just choosing to drive in the center and then would pull over to let the upcoming cars pass by.

    I did see a white car that looked parked in because it would never get out with two cars in the way and all those cars were parked at a No parking section. I didn't park there but I am sure they all got tickets. If I got a ticket, then so did other two cars behind me and maybe all the other cars in front of me. There was a sign at the end that said no parking any time and it had arrows pointing both ways so I didn't park there and parked way down in front of another car. There was still no cars parked near that sign when I got back and the car behind me had left.

    I am thinking a ranger was taking advantage of the holiday weekend by handing out tickets to people who are parked on the side of the road while all the other rangers seemed fine with that parking and one of them told me it was fine so I find the ticket thing very strange. Surely they would be telling visitors they cant park there and yelling it out the window at us because their duty is to keep the park safe. I was a lemming my mom said. My husband said I will find out on the court date about other people getting the same ticket that day. But I am not sure because just because not many will show up doesn't mean lot of us didn't get a ticket because they could have just paid it by mail to get it over with because the fine was only $80 total. That's pretty cheap. And the ironic thing was I was imagining if I got a ticket while I was getting my pass to put on my rear view mirror. Then I ended up getting one but it was for something totally different. Also i was telling my kids I wasn't getting them anything because I wanted to save money but ended up actually spending more because of that ticket lol. I even brought food with so I wouldn't have to buy them anything. So much for saving money so the whole trip basically cost me $119.49 because I put gas in my car so I would have a full tank and then got a 5$ fee pass and plus the ticket.

    Sadly I am getting bad news about fighting a parking ticket because it's a hassle, you have to have proof to prove your innocence and I didn't take a picture of my vehicle of where it was parked so I have no proof so it's my word against the ranger's. Most people just pay the ticket and move on, that's what I have read. But my only concern is it going on your record and it affecting you if the ticket is bogus.

    Is it also true that it says on the back of the ticket that appearing in court, they could raise the fine than reduce it just to scare you because they want your money so they are hoping you will just pay it than appear in court? That is what my husband told me, "that is just to scare you because they want their money."

    My son was cute to suggest that maybe someone else just put the ticket there, not the officer and I thought "wow, that is possible, maybe this isn't my ticket and someone else had gotten it and they just stuck it on my car to avoid charges than realizing it's tracked on their vehicle because of the license number and they put it on record when they issue the ticket and don't get their money. But I looked at the ticket again and it said my state so I realized again this was issued to my vehicle unless another person from my state put it there because they got that ticket so they found another car with the same state license plate and put it there. But what are the odds when there are so many different out of state license plates and so many in state ones too? Even motor cyclists were parking in spots that where not parking but they took advantage of their small size by parking in small spots that weren't parking. My son is six and is already showing logic.

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    You can always look up the ticket online, the officers will log in your vehicle info under the ticket number, but will never put your info on it for others to see.

    It could have also been that at the time you parked your car, there weren't too many other cars on the side of the road. As such, the road wasn't too blocked that it would have been ok. However, when you got back, there were too many cars which were blocking the road (cumulatively this included yours).

    Personally, I once had parked in a stripped and metered parking space, paid the meter, then left. When I came back the meter was still ok, but someone else had wedged themselves in front of me. Literally taking up my same space (though about half over the stripped area). There was a ticket for this on my car and his as well- for double parking. I took a picture of it, and tried to fight it in court. It had even lightly rained sometime after I parked but before the other guy. So the dry pavement under my car, and not his, was proof I was there first. The judge still couldn't seem to understand this, and still wouldn't accept it. I had to pay the darn fine regardless.

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    There were a lot of cars on the side of the road already when I parked mine but cars were still able to get through. The ticket was issued at 2:30 and about a half hour later I was at my car. I figure if I go to court for it, I might hear more detail about it so I can understand it more and then decide if I am guilty or if this was bogus. If it was bogus, I would plead not guilty and maybe pay a reduced fine which will be fine by me but the fact i was told by a forest ranger it was fine is what makes it bogus. maybe I was at the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe if I had gone to my car sooner right after leaving the cave than hanging around outside the cave with my kids and then going to the visitor center, I might have dodged getting that ticket or just see him issuing me one and we would have talked and hear his perspective and if I was doing something wrong, it would have been lesson learned and maybe let off with a warning because I was misinformed by another ranger.

    It sucks that another driver screwed you over. Good thing you noticed the ticket before you even left because you got the photo but that was still useless I never park too close to another car and I make sure they will have room when they pull out of their spot. Plus when I park my car, I make sure to leave a space between my car and another one so I can pull out when someone parks in front of me or behind me. I give myself a pull out cushion. My mom once got a parking ticket even though she paid for a parking permit in a parking lot and I spotted the ticket on the right wiper when I was 12 and my mom was saying it was the officer's problem if he didn't see the permit. I wonder if she got that ticket dismissed in court but I never found out what she did about the ticket when I was in 6th grade.

    Did the judge raise the fine or reduce it or did it stay the same?

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    'Obstructing the public highway' can have various forms and meanings, but the standard interpretation for good driving practise is to not block access for emergency vehicles; this will include fire engines, naturally. Where a road is the only nearby one for access, two-way movement of vehicles may be needed in emergencies.

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    This was in a nature national park, not one of those paid to enter ones and I wasn't blocking any entrances or parked where it was reserved for certain vehicles only and I wasn't blocking any cars. That is why this ticket is so strange. I hated there was no contact number on it so I could call to ask questions. But I saw it had a 800 number on it. I guess officers get plenty of angry calls when issued a ticket because people choose to break a law and then get mad when given a consequence and make it out to be the officer's fault so I can see why they might not leave their contact number on your ticket. If none of the cars were supposed to be parked on the side of the road, fair enough and they would have told me every car parked there was issued one so I am not the only one who got one.

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