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Thread: Today is a sort of sad day

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    Default Today is a sort of sad day

    I've been putting it off to in the end today I decided my beloved bunny had to have a wash. So I'm now lying in bed and my bunny is outside on the washing line. It feels so different not to have him with me so my Classic Winnie the Pooh is standing in but it's not the same.

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    Yeah. All stuffed animals have a different feel when you hold them.

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    I know the feeling. When my blankey is being washed, it feels different for a while. I love to snuggle him, so it's almost like having a withdrawal. ><

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    We'll it's the day after and he's still not dry but who cares, I missed him too much so to bed with a damp bunny it has to be. Smells completely different but we can fix that. Hummmm cuddle time....

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    I hope you didn't put your stuffie in the washing machine.

    They need to be bathed with special sope.

    Then they need to be pat dry and all the excess water squeeze out. And then they need to be put some where nice and worm so they don’t cach colds.

    Your rabbit will smell clean and fill slightly different as well.

    But it will soon get your sent back on its fur.

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    Just more proof procrastination does us no good. If you had washed him earlier, he'd but ready be ready for gou by now.

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    I had to hide mine in the closet this weekend and my son and daughter in law were visiting and staying overnight. That also meant I had to sleep without them, which is always uncomfortable for me. They're back on the bed now.

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    At least your stuffed animal can come back soon, not everyones comfort blanket can be restored

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    It is not a sad day yet for me, but it is approaching. I don't have any stuffies but I do have a real, live plushie. She is a 17 year old blond Shih Tzu mix that I took my name ( Blondiewoof ) from. She has cataracts and Mr. Ritus has taken up residence in her hips., but she still gets around pretty good and still loves to go for walks. She has always been a good lap dog, and still very graciously shares her queen size bed with me, but the time will come.....I don't think I will change my name when she crosses the rainbow bridge. She will be missed.

    Bear with while I get the moisture out my eyes, and help her up onto her bed. She just told me she needs a good tummy rub, so TTFN from both of us

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    Ah yes, I used a hand wash for delicates. His bottom is made of very thick stuffing which realy held the water. All dry now and lovley. I have even brought him with me while visiting my Mother in Law.

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