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Thread: one more reason to worry about ordering online...

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    Lol it would be funny if the box returned itself

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    one thing that happened to me in the past was my neighbors house went up in flames and took mine with it, when the firemen breached my trailer looking for me and pets, I had diapers hidden in different areas but not after that, there diapers scattered all over my yard, my neighbors yard , well you get the picture, god every one in this small park knows I am IC from then on, so when there is a big box on my porch 99% know it's a box of diapers, that said no one has ever made fun of me, well at lest in ear shot

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    Haha.....and I think we have had other members on this site, complaining when their diaper shipment got sent to the apartment or next door house. I've had a large box of girl Goodnites that I order through Amazon, left in front of my outside door. If you buy the really large box of Goodnites, it's not put into a plain box, but rather, an address is put on it and mailed that way in all of its glory.

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    Heh, well, I order for medical reasons, but when I first moved out of my parents' house my shipment still had their address on it, and I forgot to change it over. We lost that house due to foreclosure, and there was a new couple living there, and once I'd figured out what happened I had to go to their house and explain the four cases of diapers were my monthly shipment for incontinence. They were very confused, but they had a pretty good laugh over it.

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