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    I am wondering if anyone has roomate's who either know about you being Abdl, found out about you being Abdl, or if you have any stories about being Abdl with roomate's around. Additionally, if you told your roomate or they found out what did you say and how did they react?

    My current roomate likely knows about my DL side but has never said anything. I frequently get sloppy and leave diapers out in my room or wear goodnites while he is home. Although my room is my own, I know he has gone in a few times to grab things (scissors, paper, etc). If he knows he has never told me but I ordered a case of goodnites once that he picked up at our front office once. The box was marked and partially open so he easily could have noticed what they were if he paid any kind of attention to it.

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    I recently finished my first year of college and that had originally been a concern for me. Other than a couple of close calls, I managed to make it almost the entire year without them finding out. That is until I got talked into telling them.

    The four of us were sitting down playing cards and shooting the breeze into the early morning. Somehow the conversation got onto kinks and what we were independently into. I didn't say anything, and eventually that became apparent to them. Then they began to question me about it. I deflected for a while, but I eventually caved and told them. A discussion followed and I pretty much explained most of my history to them, though it felt more like a lecture than a discussion. They seemed pretty open and accepting about it, one guy in particular. And that's pretty good considering we are all sharing a house for the next few years. That being said, I'm still keeping everything private, but if something slips, it's not so bad.

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    I have reason to suspect my current roommate knows about my diapers as well. but i try not to put too much thought into it. If she does know it doesn't bother her and she has kept quite until im ready to tell her and if it does bother her its clearly not enough to make a big deal out of it or to ruin our friendship since she wants to sign another lease with me after our lease is up on our current place soon.

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    I have a friend I am renting a room to right now who knows. She seems to accept me as I am and I can even wear what I want around the house. We did talk about it before she moved in since I was worried about losing my freedom when she moved in. She does not interact since it is a shared living arrangement not a relationship. She does not share my feeling on my lifestyle but does not comment either. It has been working out.

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